No Sew Pet Dragon Wings

Introduction: No Sew Pet Dragon Wings

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Easy to make dragon wings for your pet, purrr-fect for Halloween!

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Step 1: Materials

  • craft paper
  • felt
  • tape
  • wire clothes hangers
  • hot glue
  • fabric glue (optional)
  • a marker/pencil
  • scissors

Step 2: Make the Pattern

Start by drawing the shape you want your wings to be onto craft paper. Draw one wing first then cut it out and trace it to make the second wing. Cut out the other wing then tape them together. Test the size and shape of your wings compared to your pet and adjust the pattern until you are happy with it.

Step 3: Transfer to Felt

Trace each piece of your pattern onto your felt, then cut out your wings.

Step 4: Glue the Wings Together

Use fabric glue or hot glue to attach the wings together.

Tip: when using hot glue with felt really push the pieces you're gluing together, the hot glue will seep through the felt and really bind it together so you don't have to worry about the pieces coming apart.

Step 5: Add Wire to the Wings

Take your metal clothes hangers and pull them apart. Bend them so they are in the pattern you want ( going from the top to the tips of your wings) then hot glue the wire down.

Step 6: Make the Straps

Cut out two strips of felt to make your straps. If your pet is larger glue pieces together so that the straps can fit all the way around their torso.

Step 7: Make the Harness

Cut out a rectangle to go on your pets back. Glue the straps to each end.

Step 8: Attach the Harness

Now you want to attach the harness to the wings, do this by gluing the centre of the wings to the centre of the harness.

Step 9: Add Velcro

Glue your Velcro dots onto the ends of the straps. Make sure you test the placement on your pet.

Step 10: Done!

Put the harness on your pet and your done!

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