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In this instructable i will share with you how to make a no budget table top painting easel. Its quick and easy, can be made in any size and flat packs away so it takes up very little space.


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Step 1: Tools and Materials



Box cutter or craft knife


Corrugated Cardboard. I'm using a fairly thick flat piece here but depending on your needs you can use thinner corrugated card.

Step 2: Marking Out and Cutting

If you are using a flat piece of cardboard mark a center line running across the corrugated cardboard's flutes* as it will be a bit more robust. Mark out the first half of the easel making sure the "spine" of the easel is connected to the center line with the "feet" coming away from it. Its going to look a bit like a backward capital "L".

Cut out your marked lines but leave your center line intact. keep a hold of the off cut as you will be using a piece of this in a moment.

Remember when cutting the notch out at the bottom to make it wide enough for a piece of cardboard of similar wide to sit snugly in it and not to take it any higher than half the height of the "foot"

*the flutes are the wave of cardboard inside the two flat pieces

Step 3: The Other Side

Now lightly score down the center line with your craft knife, you want to make a slight mark to make it easier to fold. ideally only cutting the top most layer.

Fold the leg over so that the score mark is on the outside of the fold.

Mark around the leg, unfold and cut

Step 4: Brace Yourself

Now grab one of those bits of card you didn't throw away.

Using one of the feet of your easel mark a length the same width as it and roughly the same length as it.

cut it out.

Place it in the two notches so your easel's feet are at roughly a 45 degree angle and mark where the meet.

Cut out a notch as you did on the feet, remembering to only cut it to half the height of the width. you can also make additional notches to make your easel adjustable.

Step 5: Finished


you have your no budget, light weight, recycled and recyclable, easy to store easel.


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    1 year ago

    Just what I needed! Thanks for taking the time to share this!


    2 years ago

    Thank you so much!! I made four up really quickly and really appreciate the reusing of already had materials for this.


    3 years ago

    I've been considering making an easel for a few weeks now, putting it off due to little money for materials. This idea will sort me out! Thank you for the info

    1 reply
    Barry Neesonguy90

    Reply 3 years ago

    Glad i could be of help. Strangely enough i was just talking about these yesterday. thinking about making a batch for a class i am running :)