No Slip Clothes Hangers

Introduction: No Slip Clothes Hangers

So finally all the hangers in my closet match (thanks to the dollar store), but they aren't perfect. Some clothes slip off the hangers but I don't want different hangers for those slippery tops or wide necked top.

Here I'll show you how I made my plastic hangers into no slip hangers so all my hangers still match!

This is really a no-brainer type of instructable but I thought I'd share in case someone out there was looking for this.

Step 1: Materials

Obviously you'll need the hanger you want to make non-slip.

Everything else you'll need:
- matching sheet of felt fabric (I have a white hanger, so I got white felt)
- glue gun
- scissors
- rotary cutter
- metal ruler
- self healing cutting mat

I went the cheap way. Instead of using felt (at 50 cents a sheet at Micheals or 3 sheets for $1 at the dollar store) you can use velvet too. I recommend buying velvet ribbon that way the sides are already sealed and finished and you can buy your perfect thickness.

Step 2: Cut Your Non-slip Strip

My hanger is fairly thin, so my strip is also thin. My hanger is about 1/4" thick, and my strip is about 1/2" thick so it'll cover the top and a bit of the sides.

Use the markings on your mat to measure how thick you want your felt strip. I cut mine along the long side of the felt because when I divide it in 4, I get the perfect sized strip to fit on the hanger.

Once your ruler is lined up straight, take your rotary cutter and with good pressure make your cut and go back across to make sure it's clean. I recommend putting the ruler over the 1/2" strip you are cutting in case you slip when you cut, you won't actually cut your strip, but the rest of the sheet.
(Or you could look at it the other way and maybe it would be better if you wasted your 1/2" wide strip versus more of the sheet.)

I'm new to the rotary cutter so maybe if you apply enough pressure the first cut, you wont have to go over it again.

Once you've cut a strip, fold in half and cut with scissors.

Take each half and cut in half again.

Step 3: Glue the Non-slip Strip

Put a thin strip on glue on the hanger. Make sure the glue line is shorter than the felt strip as it's easier to ad hot glue, versus taking it off.

Place the felt strip on the glue and push down flat. Glue remain felt that isn't stuck down.

Put the hanger on the table. Ad a thin strip of glue as close as possible to where the felt meets the hangers. Push flat to attached and to spread the glue all the way to the edge of the felt piece. Repeat on the other side of the felt.

Then, repeat everything above for the other side of the hanger.

Big glue blobs? Here are some options:
- If the glue is still warm, spread it thin and smooth with your finger. If you're working with a white hanger and white felt, the smudge wont be obvious. I haven't worked with coloured hangers so this may not work all the time.
- Let the glue dry, then carefully slice the blob off with an exacto knife.
- If you're using plastic hanger, you might be able to just peel off your piece of felt and start all over.

Step 4: Hang Hang Hang!

All done. Now go do half of your hangers to never have to worry about your clothes slipping off them again!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea. I have also hot glued shoulder pads to the hangers. They work great for sweaters and tops that need a little extra shaping at the shoulders. You can buy really cheap tops/sweaters from thrift stores that have stains, holes etc. but the shoulder pads are still in good shape. I used to sew most of my own clothes and actually made the shoulder pads for my tops.