Noble Skateboard

The skateboard is a double tilt skateboard with front and rear two axes and four wheels. The board made of mahogany is strong and has good toughness. It has a longer service life and provides better game pleasure. The wheels are bright red, rolling like a hot wheel, feeling the passion of speed, let you become the focus of the crowd. Both axes are made of stainless steel, not only good load capacity, and ignore the wind and rain, want to play.

Bright color appearance, outstanding performance, although the skateboard, but noble.

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Step 1: Sketch First

Draw the board body with straight lines and curves, and draw the axis and wheels with circles

Step 2: Stretch, Round Corners

Using stretch operation to make a solid model of slide plate, and using round corner operation to make each edge round

Step 3: Select Material


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    Question 6 weeks ago

    How did you get the extruded forms from your original sketch?