Nokia 3230 Memory Card Adapter




I found that there was a lot of space inside my phone to carry the memorycard adapter.

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Step 1: Cut the Piece:

In my case from a credit card. Verify that the piece fits in the space and the cover can be closed.

Step 2: Use It:

The plastic piece reduce the noise from the memorycard adapter. So you carry everywhere your adapter, everytime that you will like to share files you use it with the memory card. Better than bluetotth for large files.

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    12 years ago

    In my 3230 I cant accept any files obove 5 MB through Bluetooth or infrared . Is there any option to change the inbox from phone memory to Memory Card . I have heard that the Nokia company has created a software especially for 3230 to patch this problem. Is it true? then how can I get that software.

    1 reply

    that was my problem too when im trying to send large files via bluetooth. but wait, its not a big deal right now. try to search msvDrive at google or any other forums... install and ready.... you can add maximum 1 Giga MMC to this cellphones...



    13 years ago

    Is Rs-MMC the same thing as MiniSD and Transflash?


    13 years ago

    so....umm....The blue thingy keeps the mem card adaptor in the giant empty space in the phone centered so it doesn't slosh about. The idea and execution are swell, but the wording and explanation took me numerious re-reads to figure out.

    2 replies
    Nurse Ratched_diyMATT

    Reply 13 years ago

    And where is the adaptor? Behind the blue thing or is it behind the Nokialabled part (with the camera)?


    13 years ago

    I'm not understanding what this is accomplishing. What do you need the adaptor for? Is this to hold an extra card under the cover or what? more specifics.

    1 reply

    Reply 13 years ago

    Rs-MMC cards are smaller than SD cards, so you need the adapter to insert them on the Pc. The adapter it's only a piece of plastic but it's necesary if you want to remove the card from the reader. In the instructable I describe a way to carry it everywhere.