Novel Use for a Condom!





Introduction: Novel Use for a Condom!

Step 1: Injured?

So you've got a nasty cut or other injury and your doctor has advised you not to get it wet. You're dying to take a shower...

Step 2: Try This!

Condoms are very stretchable, and they make an ideal covering that will allow you to take a shower while keeping your bandage/injury water-free! It's easy and effective! Just cut the end off the condom and you will be able to stretch it over the bandaged area as shown.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Shower!

Now you can safely take a shower AND follow your doctor's advice. I hope you enjoyed my first Instructable!



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    I wonder if that is one of those things you can use in an emergency for a profusely bleeding gash, until the EMS arrives, or will it balloon out if no pressure is applied to the wound? I'm not going to test it myself, but I'll have it in mind next time I encounter a similar situation and I have an unused unlubricated condom at reach.

    Couldn't this cut off the circulation in your leg...

    do they make unlubricated Trojan Magnums? I would think that would be the best for this application.

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    Unlubricated condoms might hurt for people who have hairy legs. On the other hand, I don't know if the lubricant is "safe" when in contact to injuries.

    well, i dont think its dangerous, since its most of the time made on a water base, and it isnt that much, just dont take extra lubricant :P

    I'm not certain about this but I sort of recall reading years ago [when "lubricated" condoms first came on the market] that the lubricant is SILICONE, and Silicone is not hazardous. IF it were, then a lubricated condom could not exist!!!!!

    No, they have lubricated condoms, just look at your local drug-store or convenience store... They can't use OIL-based lubricants because it damages the latex that almost all condoms are made of.

    well there u go, the excuse that they dont wanna wear a condom because its too small for them is out the door...(i didnt buy it anyway) skinny legs maybe, but if the condom can stretch that much,....then i know u can deal with it for what 10-15 Seconds...LOL so that was not nice, but anyway i'm pretty sure the lube is on the outside of the condom????? and noone said it was lubed at all.........and its just a quick shower......geeezzz not like they going swimming across the ocean.......

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    And know your leg is protected from STDs and having babies

    haha i can remember a few years ago i nearly got a hamster and i had the Amazing idea of filling up 3 balloons with helium Tying them to a yoghurt pot and Making the hamster fly with a remote parachute i made I tried the three balloons with Flour equivilent to the hamsters weight but it didnt work after many days of Boredom I got a few condoms Sealed the ends with A soldering iron (left a lil hole) Filled it up with helium I had to go outside lol as it was Bigger than my kitchen ceiling and Secured it with a Zip tie to not let air escape And I made 3 of these about 6 foot each And IT Flew without a problem Lol didnt even pop when i shot it with a airsoft gun When it got too high . (it did with my potato cannon) lol Gd ible

    By the looks of it I presume that your blood flow seized and your leg fell off.

    shouldn't you wash out the lube first. its probably just as bad. and you would have to wash it off later

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    You know, there are condoms with no lube. My brother used those to water/dusproof his mobile phones while he was in archeology.