Obstacle Avoider Robot Using Arduino Uno and IR Proximity Sensor




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Follow the Steps to create a Obstacle Avoid Robot Using Arduino Uno And IR Proximity Sensor

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Step 1: Parts Required

1) Arduino Uno R3 (Clone will do)

2) IR Proximity Sensors ( 2 Recommended)

3) Chassis With Motors

4) Breadboard

5) L293D Motor Driver Board

6) 9V Batteries with battery Caps (2 battery and 2 caps)

7) Jumper Cables

Step 2: Connections of IR Proximity to Arduino

Join Jumper cables from 2 IR proximity Sensors.

Connections From IR Proximity To Arduino

1) Connect the 5V Jumper wire from IR Proximity Sensor to 5V on the Arduino. (Use a breadboard for connecting multiple jumpers)

2) Connect the GND Jumper wire from IR Proximity Sensor to GND on the Arduino. (Use a breadboard for connecting multiple jumpers)

Step 3: Connecting IR Sensors and Motors to Arduino UNO

1) Connect the IR Data Pins That We Left In Step 2 On The Breadboard.

2) From The Breadboard Connect The Jumper To Analog pin 3

3) Connect 1st Set of IN Pins From L293D To Digital Pin 2 and 3

4) Connect 2nd Set of IN Pins From L293D To Digital Pin 4 and 5

Step 4: Connecting L293D Motor Driver Board to Chassis

In L293D there are 4 Input Pins and 4 Output Pins. You Need To Connect The Output Pins To Motors And Input Pins To Arduino. There Will Also Be A Set Of Pins + and - Which Need To Be Powered By External Battery

Step 5: Programming Arduino Using Windows/MAC

Upload the following Program On your Arduino UNO.

Usual Mistakes Made:

1) Select the Correct Port Before Uploading the Program.

Step 6: Powering the Circuit

Now Power the Arduino And L293D With A External 9V Battery.

Step 7: You Are Now Done With the Project

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