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Introduction: Obstacle Avoidance Robot

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In this instructable I will be showing you how to build, program and tweak your very own robot. The main board we will be using is an arduino uno. This is a micro controller that we will be programming with our computer. The robot will be able to move, and once it has found an obstacle it will either turn left or turn right then continue forward.


Arduino Board

dual H-bridge ( I used the L298N h bridge)

car base with two dc motors

one ultra sonic sensor (HC-SR04)

one LiPo battery ( use one between 400-600 mAh)

One portable USB charger to power the arduino

On/Off switch

screws and zipties to hold all the electronic components in place

Connector wires

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Step 1: Connecting the Components

Connect all the components according to your h-bridge terminals.Remove two PWM (pulse width modulation) connectors, this will allow the motors to go forward and backwards Remember, when turning on your robot, the switch has to be in the on position and the arduino needs to be powered up. Connect the ultrasonic sensor, power to 5V and ground to GND. Trig pin connects to pin 5 on arduino and echo connects to pin 4 on the arduino board.

Step 2: Downloading the Code

Download the code and upload it to your arduino and make sure the robot has two power supplies. One to power the arduino and one to power up the H-Bridge. Place you robot on the floor and watch it go. Here is the video on how the robot moves around.

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    Chitlange Sahas
    Chitlange Sahas

    3 years ago

    The project is good.

    Just a suggestion, whenever you are taking pics, be sure to have enough lighting around. That helps us to understand it better.

    Keep up the good work:)



    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks for the feedback