Old School Batch Trolls

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Intro: Old School Batch Trolls

This is a small quick instructable on how to do a small (and easy to fix) troll on your friends just for the jokes. I have seen it taken TOO far before, but if you have that issue then it is your fault.

Step 1: TEXT File Spammer

Ok, to create a batch file you need to use a text editor. Now since its commonly available, I'll be using notepad.

Firstly open your text editor.
Now when using a batch file, it will pretty much open command prompt and input a series of commands into it. To prevent the user from seeing these we type "@echo off". The rest will be explained after if you are actually interested.

@echo off
color 0b    &Rem Sets the background to black, and the text colour to light blue
for /r /d %%a in (*) do (for /l %%b in (1,1,100) do (Echo. > %%a\%%b.TROLL)

And thats it!

Save that as "whatever.bat" and run that in someone's documents (It will take a long time based on how many folders there are).

This piece of code will create a 100.troll files in each directory from the one you ran the batch file in (Not inclusive)
To increase this number, change the last number in the series "1,1,100" to your desire, but note this will make it take longer and may involve taking it too far.

Fortunetly, theres a cure!

Step 2: The Cure

Since you made each file a .troll file (or made them all having something significant about them) you can delete all of these files in one line!.

Type this is command prompt or save it as another batch file and run it from a similar position. It will delete all ".troll" files:

del /s *.troll

And thats it. You have fixed the problem. Obviously, you can take this code much further.

Infact, after a friend of mine had installed a new backing up software, and thus allowed me to attempt maximum damage to his files, I built a software that randomly replaced his files with each other directories included.

So, for example, if you had a balance.xlsx (Excel file) and a project.docx, suddenly they would be switched and the encryption data would be corrupted (fixable if not opened). Of course, this done with MANY files would result in great trauma, as you would have to try finding which file is which, a process which without software would be virtually impossible.

For this reason, I am not sharing the batch files required for that. Of course, if you liked this tutorial look at some of my other tutorials or apps and feel free to comment.


Step 3: Deleter!

This is a simple batch file that will pretend to delete every file in its current and sub-directories:

@echo off
color 0a
mode con: cols=100 lines=35
title Delete * * * All types - Files, Directories, Sub-Directories and System files * * *
Echo Enabling Administrater Rights to delete System files . . .
Sleep -m 2500 & cls

for /r %%a in (*) do (Echo Deleting %%a . . . & sleep -m 30

:: Add Echo <bonus> here if doing extra step


And save and run. Note this one focuses all on the user.

Bonus to the code
You might notice the <bonus> if you looked at the code. THis is only if you want this troll to be extra speacial and make it BEEP! every time. To do this there are a number of simple steps.

1. Start CMD.exe by typing "cmd" and entering in Win 7 (accesories in XP or Vista)
2. Type the following lines into the Console:
Echo ^G > beep.txt
start Notepad beep.txt
del beep.txt

(Where ^G is actually "Ctrl+G")
3. This should start notepad with a big dot in it. Copy this dot and GO to the code for this program.
4. Replace the speacial line in the program with nothing but "Echo " followed by pasting the dot you just copied
5. Close the Notepad with beep.txt without saving

Now just save the file as "whatever.bat" and but it in your documents (or your user) and run. If there arent many files then run it on your friends hard drive or they're USB. You can sometimes really scare people, especially the second they here Windows stadnard BEEP.

Just dont try modifying this code with random commands on the internet unless you (or the random uploader) knows what they are doing.

Hope you enjoyed, if so try my other tutorials, Mona.



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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    For some reason, the file spammert doesnt work.

    Could you maybe please write the code exactly without the instructions?


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. I'm making another one which plays random .mp3 files from a users music folder in the background. Imagine how annoying it would be to have 10 random songs playing at the same time just out of nowhere. The only problem is the user can easily close the batch file and fix it. I'm almost done making the batch-file user-proof.