Old Washing Machine Drum Coffe Table





Introduction: Old Washing Machine Drum Coffe Table

About: I like to produce something and share, thanks a lot to instructables...

Used Materials :
One old washing machine drum
Screws, Nuts
Light Bulb
Lamp Holder
Three Wheel
1,5m cable
Power socket
2 jack                                 



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    This looks SOOOOO cool! Great job!

    what did you use to make the wholes in the glass for the screws to go through it?

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    I used glass cutting drill bit

    This looks great! Thanks for sharing!

    Awesome! Super cool looking Fantastic idea I made one of these with an old stainless LG washing machine & i ll made it Thanks a lot for great idea Thanks Instrctables also for given sch great great this made easy Nayan Rathod

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    I love this. great idea; I wonder, with the light inside it if you could put a dimmer-switch to adjust the lighting.

    I held on to one of these for a long time, thinking it was a beautiful thing. Well done for going above and beyond.

    Awesome! Super cool looking! I made one of these with an old stainless Electrolux vacuum a few years ago. You can get a really cool effect by filling it with colored bottles. And LEDs won't get as hot.


    This is great. The only other uses I've seen for these tubs are pots/garden beds for planting stuff in, and my personal favourite, the backyard fire drum. With all the holes in it, the fire roars and the drum glows red.

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    Good job and good example of reuse!
    But using a normal socket as a power INPUT an plug as an OUTPUT is farrrrr away form safety :-)
    You should better use a computer power socket (like this: http://www.dreamstime.com/computer-electricity-thumb17035282.jpg) and an appropriate power cord (source it form old computer and you will have another reused part)
    And this socket you have may remain in it's place and serve as a socket for your laptop etc

    Best regards!

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    Thank you for your comment and suggestion

    You are right but I did not find your said pc power socket, when I find I will change :)