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It's a job most of us put off, but tidy cupboards are such a pleasure to use! sugru user @jamney inspired us to bring a bit of order to our kitchen by making handy sugru hooks to hold our pot lids in the cupboard door. We tweaked the design a bit and came up with our own version. This is a perfect weekend sugru project that you'll enjoy every time you use it from now on. 

You will need:
- 1 sugru minipack per pot lid
- masking tape
- pencil
- scissors

Step 1: Masking Tape Markers for the Sugru

Put masking tape markers around the rim of your pot lid at the four and eight o'clock positions. This is where the sugru supports will hold the pot lid in place.

Step 2: Open Your Sugru

Cut open your sugru. Knead in your fingers and split into two. Take a small amount from each piece to make a third smaller blob (see step 6).

Step 3: Mark Support Points

Hold your pan in place on the door and mark where the masking tape points are using your pencil.

Step 4: Make the Sugur Supports

Press each half of sugru into the points that you marked.

Press and shape the sugru along the line you drew.

Extend the sugru so that is able to wrap around the lip of the pot lid.

Step 5: Shape Sugru Around Pot Lid

Tape the pot lid in place.

Press the sugru around the pot lid, over the masking tape. Do not press too hard, you want it to take the shape of the lid without bonding. You want the sugru to wrap around just enough to hold it in place.

Once you have taken the shape with both pieces of sugru, immediately remove the pot lid and leave to cure.

If the pot lid is thicker it may have need two minipacks per pot lid, one per support.

Step 6: Colour Coding Organisation

To help when putting your pots away why not use sugru's full colour range to help denote where each lid should go.

You could either use another minipack of sugru to heat proof your handle in the appropriate colour or if you wish to sace your sugru just use the small dot that you had kept aside at the beginning. 

TOP TIP: Hey did you know that you can mix sugru to get different colours! Check out our colour mixing guide below to get you started!

Leave to cure for a full 24 hours and enjoy the benefits of a more ordered kitchen life!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    For deeper pot lids (like Revere Ware) I used L-shaped metal hardware, but to keep the metal tips from scratching the lids I added Sugru tips. (See after picture below.) Careful! be sure you don't drill or screw all the way thru the cabinet door!

    For a thinner pot lid I had also used the L-shaped hardware, but the L's were too long, and the thin lid hung precariously out from the door (and I couldn't screw the L's further in or I would poke thru to the outside of the cabinet door). So I used Sugru to fill the gap between the L hardware and the pot lid. The lid was heavy, so I let it rest on the metal hook, and just used the Sugru to hold it back against the door snugly. To be sure of a tight fit, I put the pan lid in a thin plastic bag and moulded the Sugru to it, then just slipped the lid and bag out for the Sugru to cure. (Before and after pictures below.)

    1 reply

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice stuff and nicely done!!!!! I do have 1 question. How long can this stuff be used before you need 2 buy new sugru?


    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, and thanks :)
    There is a 10 month shelf life from date of manufacture and we guarantee a minimum of 6 months when you purchase from However, storing it in the fridge will keep it for much longer, read our FAQ's here:


    Hi hhamilton2! Sorry we forgot to add those photos.

    The idea of keeping a small blob of sugru is that you can mark the pot lid with the same colour as the supports so you can always quickly find its place on the door. See the amended step 6 for the photos.

    Apologies for the confusion.



    Ah! Thanks you.
    Unrelated but very useful; I wear trouser socks a lot. I use acrylic paint to put a little dot of color at the top front of each sock so that I always wear the heel at the same spot. That way, no saggy ankles and they last longer.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    sugru will bond brilliantly to the laminate material on the door, the smoothness of the surface does not affect it's adhesion. For example sugru bonds to glass, ceramics, metals, all with super smooth surfaces. It will also bond to rough surfaces like open grain wood, so if your cupboards have wooden doors, sugru will also work a treat. I hope this helps ?