Origami Back Pack!

About: Love crafts keep up the good work which is crafts be creative with your things! By the way my name is - Kimi ??????????????????☎️??ALSO! some picture Are mine some are not mine! So if pictures says not mine...

I will show how to make this is you really want to I made this one I made it out of 3 pieces of paper then to duck tape and theirs a iphone eraser in the pack back and a journal too! Vote for me too! Thank you! IF YOU WISH to make this a prank back pack just put those water splash in the back pack and make a hole in the bottom of the pack back so when they open it it's all water on their face because you pushed the bottom button! And if you want you Can make this to a garden pack back just by putting your little things collection or when your where little you had those dolls with plastic garden things so those can be it!



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    4 years ago

    Ok sure I'm just think some things to show everyone craftclarity !


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice design! I like the pattern you put on it. Can you put up more pictures?