Origami Flower!




Hello! Welcome to my first instructable. I'll be showing you how to make this origami flower, in instructable form! This origami flower can be used in any situations and is very versatile. You can make a bunch of these to give to your special someone on Valentines or give it to your mom for Mothers' Day! I followed this tutorial by Jessica from Craft TV, please check it out and thank you so much Jessica for the amazing tutorial!


1. Paper in the color of you choice (preferably square, or you'll have to cut it to the right size)

*I've noticed after several tries that the smaller the paper, the better it looks!

That's it! All you need is paper. Let's get on to the tutorial!

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Step 1: Fold the Paper in Half Twice

Step 2: Fold One End Down and Fold Over It With Another End

Step 3: Do the Same on the Other Side

They should look like 2 little M's facing each other!

Step 4: Fold the Side Folds Up to the Middle

Step 5: Open Up the Folds and Fold Them Down Into Squares

Step 6: Repeat the Same Step on the Other Side

Step 7: Fold the Triangle Down (as Shown in the Pictures)

Step 8: Push the Triangles Down (as Shown in Pictures) and Flip

Step 9: Fold Up the Triangle

Step 10: Fold 2 of the Squares Up (as Shown in Pictures)

Step 11: Pinch the Top, Then Twist It

Step 12: Fold Down the Sides to Create Petals, the Twist Some More to Shape the Flower Nicely!

In the original video I followed, they used a toothpick to roll down the sides. I personally found folding the sides easier and equally as effective! You can use a toothpick if you'd like.

Step 13: You're Done!

The leaf you see is from this tutorial by Paper Kawaii on Youtube! Check the tutorial out if you want to do how it was done!

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18 Discussions


Question 22 days ago on Step 8

Step 8's images are confusing—I'm not sure how to get to the next step. The arrow on the primary image tells you to push down the one part of the structure that can't be pushed down. (At least not without crumpling everything terribly!)


Answer 6 weeks ago

If you have step 8 just flip it over and stick the triangle up


Answer 6 weeks ago

It looks hard, because the picture isn't detailed enough. But it isn't, you have to get in there. Use a brush or a toothpick to get there, then simply squash down the to make the truangle


Question 4 months ago on Step 8

How the heck I'm stuck on 8


Question 4 months ago on Step 13

What size will the finished flower be if using 6x6" paper?


Answer 5 months ago

Instead of pushing it, invert the fold where the arrow is pointing so it folds the opposite way so it becomes the square. Took me 10 minutes of fiddling, hope this wording helps!


Answer 5 months ago

It's a squashing sort of thing, you don't fold or just push down a little, you squash the fold down so that it looks like a triangle.


Question 8 months ago on Step 8

how do you get it to have squares on the front?? I’m a beginner


8 months ago on Step 8

step 8 threw me off the most then 10


8 months ago

The pictures need to have more detail. I got lost almost half way because it didn't shows specifically how it should be folded. Mine turned out to be very bad. I'd recommend using a better view and more arrows to indicate direction. Also I recommend that you should add more extra folds in the steps because I came across many folds that weren't specified in the directions. I was very disappointed with the final product. 5/10 could be more detailes.