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With my second wedding anniversary, I was looking back through the traditional gifts for anniversaries and found pictures of origami roses, and thought to myself... I can do that!

They make a wonderfully romantic gift for girlfriends, fiances, wives or even moms. It's something you put time and effort into and will be cherished. And if you have one of those girls who knows the meaning of different color roses, I'll include a guide for what colors mean what.

DISCLAIMER: please be nice, this is my first instructable. Any positive feedback on how to improve this instructable is greatly appreciated.

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Step 1: Materials

- A square piece of paper, in any desired color.  It might be helpful if the opposite side of the paper is a different color. An ideal size is 20 cm x 20 cm. I will be using blue for the right side and white for the wrong side

- Pair of tweezers

- Pen to mark reference lines (if desired)

- Pencil or pen to curl petals

- ***Time and lots of patience. IMPORTANT! If at any time you feel frustrated, take a break and come back. This can get frustrating and if you get frustrated you can easily mess up.****

Rose colors and meanings:
- Red: romance and love
- Deep Pink: "thank you"
- Regular Pink: happiness
- Light Pink: "sympathy" or condolences
- White: innocence and purity
- Yellow: friendship and caring
- Lavender: falling in love or enchantment
- Orange: desire
- Black (deep deep red): unfortunately has come to symbolize death. Not a good gift idea
- Blue: mystery, rarity and attaining the impossible
- Mixture of white and red: unity

If you have questions about other meanings, I recommend http://www.whatrosesmean.com/

Step 2: Prepare the Base

Take the paper, wrong side up, and fold in half.

Reopen the paper and fold each end to the crease made in the previous step. (pic 1)

Unfold. Turn the paper 90 degrees and repeat the process.

The creases on the paper should be like the ones in pic 2.

Step 3:

Now we are going to fold to the outermost creases shown in pic 1

Fold the paper, so that the edge meets this crease. Take the right corner and fold diagonally, meeting with the creases on the paper (pic 2)

Repeat the process on all four sides. Unfold. The paper should have the creases shown in pic 3.

Step 4:

Now fold the paper in half along both of the diagonals. (pic 1)

Fold in the four corners to the outer creases formed in the first step (pic 2)

Make another fold diagonally to the crease made by folding down the four corners. Repeat for each corner (pic 3)

Once unfolding, the paper should have the creases shown in pic 4.

Fold down the for corners once more and turn the paper over. (pic 5)

Step 5: Forming the Flower

Step 6:

Now, focusing on one corner again, make a valley fold along the pink line shown in pic 1.

We will now focus on the smaller pink line on the right in pic 2. Make a valley fold by bringing the right corner to the left, resulting in pic 3

Now reverse the fold so that the top of the new triangle is underneath the fold behind it as in pic 4

Step 7: Begin Work on the Petals

Make a valley fold on the line shown in pic 1 to make the paper look like pic 2.

Reverse the fold as in the previous step to reveal pic 3.

Step 8:

Referencing the pink line in pic 1, fold the edge of the paper up, forming the petal as shown in pic 2.

Repeat steps 6-8 for the other three corners. The rose should now look like pic 3

Step 9:

Step 10: Form the Inner Petals

Turn the flower over. Pic 1 is the top view.

I have drawn x's in pic 1 to help in this next step. Gently press in the four sides on the x's as shown in pic 2

Place your fingers into the four holes you just made. Carefully press your fingers together and twist clockwise resulting in pic 3.

If desired, use a pair of tweezers and twist the center further, also pressing down towards the center of the flower as in pic 4

This step might take some practice. Be careful not to over tighten as you might start to twist the rose back apart.

Step 11: Curling the Petals

Take a pencil a wrap the petals around the pencil, holding them there for about 30 seconds so that they will curl. (pic 1)

Do the same for the inner 4 petals as in pic 2

The final result should be similar to pic 3.

Ta da! You just made a origami rose!

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Tip 2 months ago on Step 10

For Step 10: take advantage of the fact that you have a hole at the other side. Poke a pen, or other implement similar up through the middle while you push. This keeps the center up and allows you to push down on the sides


Tip 5 months ago

For those having issues with step 9:

You have to fold the large pointed pieces the instructor is holding between their thumb and ring finger in towards each other, like how you would fold box flaps; one under the flap to its left, and another under the first one to its right.

I hope this helps anyone who has been having a hard time with this particular step, as I have been!


Tip 7 months ago

On step 5, you follow the folds she did pictures 1-4, then repeat it on all 4 sides. On step 9, you tuck it in as it shows picture 1-2, (picture 3 isn't really necessary, it just shows a different perspective of picture 2) then fold them inwards as it shows pictures 4-6. It's hard to explain but I hope this helps.


Question 8 months ago on Step 6

Hey there i am trying to make the origami rose but i am really confused about ste 6.
Please if u can explain a bit further about how to go on from there.


Tip 9 months ago on Introduction

Would you please leave some instructions and pictures? That would sincerely help me make this I’m lost on step 8


9 months ago on Step 5

Can you please leave more steps for this? It is my first time and I got lost and might have messed it up a tad. Thanks!


Question 10 months ago on Step 9

Can I know how to do this


Question 1 year ago

Could somebody please explain step 9? Everything was clear until then.


1 year ago

Best instructions I've found thus far for a rose. I'm not sure if I did step 9 right as there's was just pictures. But either way it turned out nice. Thank you.


Question 1 year ago

im so confused, please tell me how to "Make a valley fold by bringing the right corner to the left, resulting in pic 3".


Question 1 year ago on Step 6

No idea how this valley fold is supposed to go from the valley fold in step 5 to the corner it makes no sense and it kinda makes the whole thing impossible please edit thank you


Question 1 year ago on Step 6

Step 6 started but next fold about pink line not getting. So petal step 7 could not work for me. Plz help.


Question 1 year ago on Step 9

Please explain what directions the folds are going in or put up better pictures. This step is completely disorienting. When did it even turn upside down??


2 years ago

What was step 9!! there are no clear intrutions! Please express what those were. But, I thought the intructions up till then were quite good


2 years ago

Can anyone who has made this make a short video of step 5-9 some people including me can not get past that point and really would like to make this but I can't seem to understand the picture or the wording steps. Not because the person did a bad job but because some people need to see the action themselves to be able to to do it like me so it would help me out if someone made a video. Please and thank you.


2 years ago

This took me like an hour to do. How did it only take 10 min for you to do