Papercraft Woodpecker Toy !





Introduction: Papercraft Woodpecker Toy !

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Amazing Papercraft Woodpecker Toy ! Over at CRAFT, Avadhut Deshmukh  spotted the directions to make this awesome papercraft woodpecker toy. Made using a thread, drinking straw and ball pen refill, and some paper, it is both an interesting lesson in underdamped systems, and fun to make. What better way to explain dynamic systems to kids (or yourself) than with cute birds?



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    Somehow credit was not given to the artist and creator of this pattern! Oops!
    Here is the original pattern:

    Maybe you can stick inside a coin to avoid showing the clips over the bird. Even how its a beautiful toy

    this looks awesome im gonna try it someday!

    Simply awsome!I like the bird in the first picture more than the bird in the video!
    Have a look at my entry for the contest!
    Rated 4.5*Well done!