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Introduction: Computer Desk Build

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Every computer lover Dream to be Desk one of its All kind. Everybody has their dream step in their mind. Some of them execute. I also one of them who finally execute their dream setup into reality. It is so wonderful when my imagine setup comes into reality. I am not a professional woodworker. I am learner by mixing many thing this has been this setup my brother helps me a lot. We took almost 48days to build. This table we have made at our home not in the shop and this table is purely hand made Every Logo is made by hand with the help of jig saw. In the middle of project there are lots of challenges that we have faced. We made all facilities according to our need. This table has built in speaker, huge storage space monitor casing is also custom made if you are not using then you can lay down monitor, while sitting you feel with RGB led that you are sitting in a gaming station & carnival begin, a beautiful feeling while sitting on this desk. This is really a massive & hardworking job making such kind of project it is 7 feet long and 4 feet how we made this desk lets go: ----

Logo made are follows: -



Android authority

Android Central

R.O.G (Republic of gamer)

Because we are huge fan of these Brand names

Material used

1. Ply board 8’ X 4’ (Qty- 4)

2. Acrylic Sheet 6’X5’ (Qty -1)

3. Telescopic rudder (Qty – 20)

4. RGB 5050 led -20 meter

5. Speaker grill 4”– 5qty

6. Led white light – 4 qty.

Total cost of this project is INR 36,000 (Approximately- 550$ U.S.D)

Step 1: Made Paper Design,Cutting & Assembling

First of all, I Design my dream setup on paper then execute that drawing on computer with google sketch up software. Google sketch up is the best tool in which you can check which color of laminate will suite to your desk & you can do necessary changes as you like. After finalizing the design then fist of all cut the larger material like Table top and sides for your desk. use sketch up or AutoCAD before cutting material draw your size on software & checked by placing that cutting size on ply board drawing. After finalizing your cutting then start cutting laminate using circular saw or table. After that assembled each material one by one with the help of elbow strip & 1/2" screws. Always take help of another person while installing larger portion for holding purpose like table top & drawer side wall.

Step 2: Drawer Installation

Step 3: Logo Cutting on Plyboard & Installation on Table

Cutting of the logos are done with the help of jig saw after cutting install ply on the plyboard

Step 4: RGB Led Installation

RGB LED wire must be in sequence other vise half led will show different colour.use glue stick while installing rgb strip.

Step 5: Finally!!!!!!!!!



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    any chance you could post the plans for the cut-outs for the logos? that would be great. I'm doing a Darth Vader/Hylo Ren build and would love some logos.

    1 reply

    Dear, if you need to cut out logo for your own and you need to cut them into the ply then just enlarge the photo in photoshop by changing the units into inches, mm or cm. Then split the page in multiple pieces according to your printer paper size. It's not that difficult. If you are not able to do that then message me complete dimensions clearly what you actually needed, I am always happy to help you. Thanks....

    Good job. Please update the plan with dimensions.

    Saw you on Setup Wars, and honestly this is cooler than any other desk or even desk PC I've ever seen

    Totally understandable. :)

    Very well done. Professional quality!!

    Ayy i saw you on TechSource the first ever person to win the seal of approval

    HFS I WANT IT. Please send me dimensions/specs things like that so i can make one like it please.


    2 years ago

    Its really awesome...