Outdoor Christmas Balls

Introduction: Outdoor Christmas Balls

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I’ve been on the hunt for glass globes all year. They are a cheap find at yard sales & thrift stores. As luck would have it, while I was working in the donation center at the living harvest thrift, 7 matching globe fixtures came into the center. My fellow volunteer kind of looked at me crazy when I said I would take all seven. We recycled the metal parts & I bought the globes.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

  • Glass globes, clear, white, or textured
  • Metal tuna/chicken cans
  • Looking Glass & sliver metallic spray paint
  • White String lights
  • Pine cones/rocks (optional)
  • Large flower pot

Step 2: Clean and Spray Paint Globes and Cans

  • Throughly clean the glass globes inside & out, let dry
  • Spray the inside with Looking Glass paint to give globes a mercury glass look
  • Spray cans with silver metallic paint, let dry

Step 3: Put It All Together

  • I laid a large flower pot on its side & positioned the glass globes as if they were tumbling from the pot. Two globes got lids (I only had two cans to make lids—the rest will be capped next year!)
  • The globes were kept in place with pinecones & mulch (rocks could be used). My flowerbed slopes just slightly so I needed to use the pinecones to keep everything in place.
  • Once positioned, I stuffed lights into each, using two strands for the display

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    4 Discussions

    If the globes have paint sprayed inside, how can the light shine through?

    1 reply

    We just sprayed a light coat to give a hint of color. The light shines through just fine.

    how did you keep the tin cans on? do they just fall off ?

    1 reply

    They are not attached with anything. Because the wiring of the lights pass in and out of the openings the cans are kept in place due to the tight fit once the cans are gently placed over the globe opening. Care was taken not to overly bend or damage the light strings.