Overhand, Overhand Stopper Knot




A very easy to tie stopper is essentially two overhand knots

Step 1:

Make a bight and tie first overhand knot

Step 2:

Bring left hand strand over the bight

Step 3:

Bring right hand strand under the bight

Step 4:

Bring the uppermost strand down through the right hand bight

Step 5:

And bring other strand up through its bight

Step 6:

Bring the right hand strand up through the small bight of the first overhand knot

Step 7:

And bring the left hand strand down through the other bight

Step 8:

Grab the loop in one hand and the two strands in the other hand and pull apart. Adjust to tighten



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    Answer 5 months ago

    Are you using synthetic or natural fiber cordage? How tight are you making the knot? A stopper knot by its purpose should be difficult to undo.

    Try tying the knot in different materials and decide for yourself