Painting With Chocolate.




Painting with chocolate is pretty much like painting on a canvas, is easer because you dont need much more talent than tracing and i little bit of patience. 
Unlike painting on a canvas painting with chocolate allows you to trace your drawing and is like painting with numbers. 
You can do this with anything and you can use it as cake toppers or just as is, they are so beautiful that everyone is going to be amazed 

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Chocolate on bars or melts 
Ziploc bags 
Wax paper
Small painting brush
A photo or a drawing 

A container to hold hot water.

Step 2: Get You Art Ready

Get a piece of wax paper that covers you entire picture.
tape down the picture and the wax paper to you working area to make sure it does not move once you star tracing.

Step 3: Outline

First thing you have to do is outline you drawing. Also you always want to start with the darkest color.
Grab you zipoc bag and put some of the dark chocolate, the amount depends on your drawing.
Now put about two cups of boiling water in the container, next with the bag well closed dip it in to the water for about 5 seconds 
and the star mixing the chocolate until you feel the pieces are not melting anymore.
Dip the bag again for 5 seconds and mix again repeat the process 5 seconds at the time until all the pieces are melted.
Cut a very very small hole in the corner of the bag and as if it was a pen star tracing the outline of your drawing.
Remember this is like a black pen so trace the out line and fill up all the black parts of the drawing.
Use the bag for the outline and the brush and toothpick to make the smaller detail.
I like to use the brush to give it a like hair effect.

Step 4: Filling In

After you are done with the outline you get the next color. Remember to work you colors from darkest to lightest.
On my case my next color was just a little bit lighter than black so i added some white chocolate to my black chocolate mix to get 
a lighter color and i started doing the details.

In my case the middle dog has 3 colors only so after im done with the two darks i go with the white chocolate.
I filled up the dog with the white chocolate and since im using it already i decides to do the white details on the other dogs too.

Step 5: Next Color

Now you have to reap the filling step with all your colors.
Use the bag when you have big spaces to fill and the brush and toothpicks when you have details to do.
When done you have to build up a thick layer of chocolate on top to prevent the painting from breaking when you flip it.
Build up at least 1/4 of an inch and the put it on the fridge, when it comes out flip it very carefully  remove the wax paper and enjoy your art.

The more you practice the better you get and you can do this with anything a drawing, a paint , a photograph.

enjoy and i hope you guys like it.

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    Question 5 days ago

    How long do the chocolate paintings last?


    2 years ago

    yay! finally, someone combined my two favortive things (art + chocolate).


    7 years ago on Step 5

    This is amazing, and Monroe nonetheless! I will definetely try this in the future! :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you, yeah i like doing this for cakes and i love the reactions of people its always the talk of the party and of course we always eat it.