It is my passion to recycle things. whatever possible. So before and after is the contest ,which is very close to my soul, I am thankful to INSTRUCT ABLE, to consider recycling as contest. Thanks to organizer again.

It was a new pajama. I parched for myself it as the fabric was very soft and pure cotton, the colour also eye soothing, It was one of my favorite dresses. But it is my ill luck , it was not the proper size to wear. At the same time I was not ready to exchange it as I felt attachment with it, So finally, I have made a kurti out of this pajama.

Step 1: Materials

pajama, sewing seam ripper, thread cutter, pair of scissors, sewing machine, sewing machine thread, pipping, lace.

Step 2: Remove Stiches

first of all with the help of sewing seam ripper and thread cutter, remove all stitches from the pajam. Then I got the fabric for the kruti.

Step 3: Cutting and Stitching

After getting the fabric, I cut it according to my size and stitched it as shown in the images.



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    1 year ago

    Very clever! I did something similar - back when sewing was one of my passions - where I turned a huge pair of linen pants into a dress.

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