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Self propelling wheels make it easy to pack the cooler with heavy stuff a full car audio system can power your whole tale gate two speeds and a reverse along wath a solar panel that keeps te deep cycle battery powerd as long as the sun is out and a couple hours after it goes down. 



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    What did you do to divide the cooler? Keeping the ice and drinks from the electronics

    does it what? it has a trailer that it rides on behind my gold car you can see in the pics.

    the pool beach tailgating yes it was a power wheels we were going to use wheel chair motors or wind shield wiper motors but the power wheels was the easiest thing to make a prototype with just to see if the concept would work it drives about walking speed has a high and low power switch for going through grass or sand, the sub is new i had to add a second 400 watt amp to power it on a low ban pass but the bucket doesnt really provide enough room for the sound to reverberate so the beer section of the cooler may soon become a sub enclosure but it will get as loud as your car stereo will, but right now the main concern is making it remote controlled so i do not have to steer it with the control arm

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    What does the motor actually say on it as far as power & what not?
    You can over volt a system by double relatively safely.
    They say it will reduce the overall life of the motor but it goes a lot faster.
    18 or 24v on a 12v motor seems fairly practical.
    Ive been playing with old busted drills. 1 is rated at 7.2v & running it at 12v makes it strong & actually usable for driving wood screws. The batteries from bigger drills last longer too as they are putting out less power than designed for.

    I figure I could drive a bicycle with an 18v on 24v.
    Deep cycle batteries are important too. Youll kill a regular car battery if you run it down farther than half more than once or twice. The optima yellow top is spendy but will last you forever running it dead.

    the whole system including motors are 12 volt which is what the battery is. the new battery is a deep cycle marine battery if you see the older pics i actually ran the cooler off a lawn mower battery for about 4 months about 8 hours every saturday and sunday at the pool all day. the solor panel really keeps a great charge. as for speed i dont want it going to much faster then walking speed or it runs over your heels.

    From your comments below it becomes clear that it has a beer section as well, not from the Instructable itself (hence my question). Now that's awesome!
    I just voted for you!

    Dont tell me thats a power wheels...


    I see pics but no descriptions. How fast is it & what is it made with?
    I like the sub bucket w/stand.

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