Introduction: PVC Bow

My homemade PVC bow! Shoot Practice arrows or homemade arrows through boxes! Cost less than $5 !!! .............DISCLAIMER: MAKE NO MISTAKE, THIS IS A WEAPON. DO NOT SHOOT AT ANYTHING FRAGIAL OR ANYONE. IF ANY PROBLEM OR DESTRUCTION IS CAUSED BY THIS, I CLAIM NO RESPONSIBILITY.



4 ft. of 1/2in. PVC (ALSO HAD ALOT OF THIS)
duct tape
elastic string( i used this cause i have alot of it! use nylon its better!!)
1 panel nail
Practice arrows'

Step 2: Cut the PVC

Cut a slit into each side bout a 1/2in. in.


Step 3: Measure the String

Cut the ELASTIC exactly 1ft smaller than the PVC !

Loop both sides and put it in the notching.

Then connect the other side! And make sure when the string want stretch no more!'

Step 4: Finishing the Final Touches





Step 5: Your Finished!!

shoot Arrows through boxes with this bow!! '



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    This isn't as good as it looks. As Handsome-Ryan said, PVC splinters. In this case, the shards would come out of the front of the bow, into the palm of your hand. PVC is invisible to X-ray imaging, so they would require surgery just to check if there are any in your hand. If you want to make a cheap play bow, use wood or plywood. If you seriously want to practice your archery skills, then either buy a proper bow, or learn how to make your own proper bow.

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    ok then mr. obvios since you know everything how about you go buy a "proper" bow and shoot yourself in the foot loser

    You've been here what, one day?

    Little advice: do a bit of checking before you shoot your mouth off and make yourself look even sillier.

    Some of us use proper bows on a regular basis.

    (Of course, some of us have the sense not to start our first day on a major site by posting insults instead of useful material.)

    That was an unnecessary remark. not appreciated. and some people like myself like doing dangerous things, improvising, and trying new things like pvc bows and other pvc weapons.

    If you bothered to check who the remark was addressed to, and what it was in reply to, then you would see it was entirely necessary.

    You want to make a PVC bow? Feel free, no skin off my nose.

    Although it could easily be a lot of skin, tendons, severed blood vessels and nerve damage off your hand when it splinters under tension.

    and? i branded myself yesterday, i got over it, if some thing blew up in my hand, I'd get over it, so come on and get a life!!!

    I can't help wondering, with an attitude like that, will you have a life this time next year?

    Seriously guys, are you still in middle-school? Kiteman, stop being a dumbass. you said what needed to be said the first time, you are just defeating your purpose by continuing to smart off. i've been shooting "propper bows" literaly all my life, and made improper ones for a better part of my childhood it as well, so let me clear something up: plywood = no. it will probably work once or twice, but once you start pulling the layers apart by bending it, it will loose its strength and/or break. also, pvc will work fine if you are just screwing around, i've done it. if you are afraid of it breaking then just wrap the WHOLE thing in tape. even masking or painters tape would work if you put down a couple layers. what does that cost, $.08 per foot?

    Oh, do keep up! This thread is nearly four years old!

    (Oh, and when the thread was active, I *was* in Middle School... as a teacher. Things move on, I now teach in a high school. Science and "shop", if you care.)


    OK, we get it, you've made some bows, and you're not dead. Does that make you an expert in materials technology? Or just lucky? Your hours-old profile doesn't make it very clear...

    WRONG, as i have seen about 50-60 pvc bows and shot many of them and have yet to see one brake ,splinters come from fiberglass and we are talking about pvc that contains no fiberglass, and as far as braking and causing bodily harm i have seen a $1000.00 dollar bow limb break and cut a guys arm,so it really does not matter what you use to make a bow or buy the most expensive bow known to man you still face the dangers of it braking no matter what.

    It didn't happen to you, therefore it didn't happen?

    PVC becomes brittle with age and stress - the more you use them, the greater the chance of a splinter.

    not every person is rich like you are as some of us just need to hunt for the sole purpose to feed our family and put meat in the freezer and cant afford to just open our wallets and take out $500.00 for a nice compound bow or in a lot of cases a recurve is even more expensive.