PVC Pipe Compressed Air Cannon




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I made a pvc pipe cannon about a month ago. The pvc only cost about $18 at Home Depot. The tire valves cost about $4 for a set of two. All you need is two pieces of pvc of the same diameter, an end-cap for one of them, a ball valve that will connect the two pipes, and a car tire valve. You need pvc primer cement to put it together. Constructing is really straight forward. The two pipes fit into either side of the ball valve. You need to drill a hole in the end-cap, and secure the tire valve there. Then secure the end-cap to one of the ends, and you're done. Mine pumps up to 70 psi with the help of an air compressor. Make sure to close the ball valve before pressurizing.

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    6 years ago

    Does it have to still be attached to the compressor when u shoot it?

    1 reply

    I made one like 6 months ago that was the exact same design as yours. it looks the same and everything. Me and my friends had fun with this. try shooting darts, batteries, and duck tape balls, they are fun =) we got a duck tape with a piece of metal inside it to go about 150 yards.

    4 replies

    The pvc pipe i used was rated for 480 psi but the ball valve was only rated for 150 psi so i dont think we ever went above 90.


    Mine will only go up to 80 with the air compressor that i have. I tried using paper as wadding to shoot smaller items, but it failed. Ammo that fits tightly in the barrel works well.