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Introduction: PVC Shoe Rack

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Hi guys! As the title goes this is a simple project using PVC pipe and accessories to make a small size 2-tier shoe rack. I use a faux leather fabric stretched in between two pipe bars as the shoe shelf. The leather fabric comes from a faux leather apron I found in the DIY store. Although I’m going to show you how to build a 2-tier shoe rack, it’s easily expandable to 3-tier or 4-tier rack, according to your needs. I’ve also decided not to glue the pipes (I don’t think it’s needed). I’ve simply push and lock the pipes together without gluing the joints. This way I can easily dismantle it when needed or add more tier/replace the fabric in the future.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials


  • PVC Pipe 15mm (1 mtr length) x 4.
  • PVC fittings Elbow 15mm x 4.
  • PVC fittings Tee 15mm x 12.
  • PVC fittings Socket 15mm x 4.
  • Faux Leather Apron x 1.

Note: I use class D 15mm diameter grey colored PVC pipe.


  • Marker Pen.
  • Ruler/Measuring Tape.
  • Handsaw.
  • Scissors.
  • Leather Hole Punch.
  • Eyelet Punch.
  • Brass Eyelets.

Step 2: Cut the Pipes

First of all, use a handsaw to cut the PVC pipes into the following dimensions:

  1. The Long Bar – cut to the length of 600mm.
  2. The Side Bar – cut to the length of 200mm.
  3. The Connector Bar – a short length cut of 50mm.

Step 3: Assemble the Pipes

  • Place the four (4) sockets as the base of the rack and attach the connector bar onto each socket.
  • Next add the tees and the long bars which form the 1st tier of the rack.
  • Add more connector bar and tees to connect the side bars.
  • Repeat step above by placing another connectors+tees+long bars to form the 2nd tier of the rack. At this point you can push in the pipe all the way to tighten the joints.
  • Finally add connectors and elbows to connect the top side bars.

Step 4: Prepare the Faux Leather

  • Get the faux leather apron and cut it as shown in the picture. With this measurement a single apron can produce two fabric shelves for the rack.
  • At each side mark a 25mm length from the top cut and fold the leather along the lines.
  • Next make a hole with the leather punch tool.
  • Insert the brass eyelet and punch it with the eyelet punch tool. Do this along the seams with about 3-inch length in between the holes.
  • Make two of these faux leather shelves.

Step 5: Place the Fabric Shelf

  • Dismantle the long bar from the rack and insert it onto the folded side of the faux leather.
  • Fix the long bars back onto the rack.

Step 6: Complete!

Enjoy your new DIY shoe rack.

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15 Discussions

DIY can change your life ..i think to build one but i will use wood not leather , i will put some stuff not shoes on it ..

Very nice! Looking at the results I realized that a similar process could be scaled to assemble an off-the-floor dog'd bed, though depending on the weight of the dog, larger diameter pipe might be required.

3 replies

Thanks! And that's a good idea! Yeah, you'll need a bigger pipe for that. =)

What was the total price I imagine all those parts were quite expensive?

1 reply

I don't know the cost of the material elsewhere; but where I'm from the total cost is only about $10 (convert to USD).


8 months ago

Very cool. My wife and I need this. Thanks.

1 reply

You're welcome. And thanks for liking it. =)


8 months ago

This is a real nice solution. We got very little space at our entrance so this would be a great dynamic solution. :)

1 reply

Hi Skar, thanks. Glad that you like it!