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Hello friends!

I'm going to show you how to make a padded/quilted collar armor. It could be worn by poor soldiers or as a padding under the plate armor. I made this for a larp so I just quilted it. But if you want better protection you should make it padded. It is really easy to make one and it will serve you well.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

  • linen cloth (or cotton)
  • wool cloth (I used an old blanket)
  • thread and needle
  • leather
  • buckles

Step 2: Sketching

You should make some sketches and measure some dimensions. I'm sure, that if you would look at the internet, you will find some patterns. I made it just from two rings sewed together and it is just fine :)

So measure your neck and your shoulders and drew two circles.

It's advised to also sew some neck protection onto it. But I haven't because my gambeson has the neck guard.

Step 3: Cutting and Sewing

Now just draw circles according to you dimmensions on fabrics and cut it. Then sew all layers together. Next step is to sew some lines which will cause "hardening" of the collar.

After that just add fastening (which I didn't because it would catch my fake dwarven beard I have been wearing over it) You can also add some straps for shoulder armor.

Step 4: Wearing

Now you are finished! Just put it on and let's go fighting!

I hope you like this instructable! If you have any questions or compliments feel free to write a comment!



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    Fantastic guide. I plan on modifying it a little bit, but the basic concept will be the same. I can't seem to find a traditional style Oriental gorget anywhere, so having instructions of any level is greatly appreciated.


    4 years ago

    The model in this is quite attractive ;3

    1 reply