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Hi Makers! In this instructable we will learn how to paint our cell phone case in a super easy way, we will only need some of these tools.

  • An image of our preference
  • a caliper or a ruler
  • some paint based markers
  • tracing paper (optional)

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Step 1: Preparing the Template

Once we have chosen our preferred image, we will proceed to take the measurements of our case, in my case use a caliper for more accuracy, but with a simple ruler it would be more than enough.

Step 2: Tracing!

Now that we know our measurements, with any photo editor we prepare a new document and place our image to be traced...

Now we glue a notepad paper with a little piece of tape on the template on our screen, and with a fine point pen we begin to trace very smoothly.


Step 3: Transferring to Cell Phone

This is going to be simple, we are just going to place our template on our cape, and as we have already taken the measurements it will fit like a glove!
Now we just have to take a pen (no matter if it works or not) we will only use it to put pressure on our silicone case ...

And after doing this very carefully we will be able to transfer our template to the case.

(if you wish you can use tracing paper) but in my case it was not necessary ...

Step 4: Painting!

Now comes the fun part, we just have to take some of our favorite markers or paint-based markers, and start painting on our path, As easy as pie ;)

Step 5: Final Result

Well makers, I hope you enjoyed this instructable as much as I enjoy doing it, see you next time!

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    7 weeks ago

    What a nifty idea! Your results came out fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

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