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Introduction: Pallet Chair

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In this instructable, I'm going to teach you step by step how to make a recycle wooden chair, with the Pallets.
You can use it like decoration for the inside or outside of your house, if you want to use it outside, you'll need to cover the chair with some protection like varnish.

Step 1: Get the Pallets

First of all you have to count with the material and the tools that we need.
To make a chair you will need two Pallets, you can get it from supermarkets or something like Home Depot.
To make the work more simple, its better get Pallets in good conditions it will be easier give it the ending we want.

Step 2: Tools

To make the chair we need this tools.
- Wood Cutter
- Hammer
- Drill
- Screwdriver.
- Cloves
- Screws
- Sanding Sheets

Step 3: Cut the Pallets

Now, we have de Wood, we have to cut the Pallet by the Half, But we need to consider the base of the pallets, so the chais can support a person.
Now we have two pices, one of this pieces will be the sitting area and the back.
Since this cut, the part of the back, you need to cut  the junction diagonally, this to create a degree of inclination and the chair will be more comfortable.
The latest cuts are in the second pallet, these will be for the elbow, I'm afraid I do not have pictures of this step... however, is very simple, it is only necessary cut it in half again but this time trying to make a small Pallet , that is, like a square and should has a good support.

Step 4: Detailing Wood

Once the wood is cut to the necessary measures, sanded so there are no splinters and chair look much better.

Step 5: Put It All Together

In this part just all the pieces fit together to create a better bond between these parts, extra wood is placed on the back of this form will support more weight without the risk of breaking.
For the case of the elbow is the same procedure, bind to the seat and back with the help of nails and screws at different points to support the chair while the weight of the person.

Step 6: Finished

The finish that gives this chair is a rough finish, a brown tone to the wood look better, they can give you the finish you want but in this case chose the rustic finish.
Combining Wood Varnish 1/4L and 3/4L from Tiner, with the help of a tow,
Surgical masks and gloves (for security)
Bast in the mixture is wetted and applied to all wood.
Immediately the wood takes on the color of the mixture, however, you need to let it dry that will not ruin the clothes of those who sit.

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Question 12 days ago

you could be smart and put the measurments of the chair once it finished


1 year ago


Cloves? At what point do you use the cloves?

Where do you guys get the pallets? Posting from the UK

I don't understand how you connect the two arm rest pallets to the sitting pallets and backrest.

I finally got the pallets to do this! It's so nice to be able to sit and relax with my girlfriend in the back yard.

1 reply

That's great thanks for the comment, I glad you like it.

i just made it but i changed it up a bit by putting long flat arms on it an two shelfs under the arms so u can put drinks or whatever


I glad you like it, share pictures of your work! This is just the beginning you can use your imagination and make another furnitures


4 years ago

This is a great instructable. I actually recreated one very similar following the steps you gave I added some of my own personal touches as well. Thank you so much!

Very nice! I want to make a chair exactly like this one. But there are a multitude of pallet sizes (dimensions) available, each used size leading to a different model chair... Could you please state the dimensions of the pallets you used? That would be enormously helpful. Many thanks in advance!

Can I raise the seat and back parts a bit higher? Making it easier for me to sit down and get out?

1 reply

Yes, you can! You only need to make bigger pallets for the elbow part. Look for the pallets with two central supports. Like this