Pallet Jack Hack




I needed some space to plant beans and peas, here is how I resolved this small problem.

Step 1:

Using a car Jack I slid heavy concrete slabs out from a sunny wall, only needed another 4 inches to give me a bed that is now 8 feet long 1 foot wide and 8 inches deep.

Step 2:

The slabs were on top of a gravel bed, so I removed about 3 inches of gravel to get some depth.

Step 3:

I used an 8 foot board from a drywall pallet I had spare from a previous project.

I painted it up and attached 1 foot sides to it.

Step 4:

I stapled heavy plastic sheeting to a baton and attached this to the wall, the whole frame was lined and stapled.

The bottom of the bed was scored for drainage, then filled with a mix of compost and Perlite.

I expect to get many years use from this valuable space.

Step 5:

I saw the weather report today warning of a heavy rain storm moving it so I made a shade with some Paracord and a tarp. the wall is facing the wind direction, so this has save the plants from a severe pounding.

All looks good for the production of food :-)

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