Pallet Table




Introduction: Pallet Table

This instructable will show you how you can make a table out of old pallets

Step 1:

First you need to get pallets

Step 2:

Next gather up supplies
-2 hammers
-screw, nails
-drill bits
-tape measure
- pencil

Step 3:

Tear down the pallets so you have individual boards. Don't get to aggressive or you will split the boards Before they come off

Step 4:

Lay you boards out so you know the pattern you want the table to be and cut them to fit
***i also added a picture of another table I made showin the pattern on it so you can get different ideas

Step 5:

Then cut the bottom side frame boards of the table and I found it is easier to sand these down while they are still apart( sand with rough grit, then fine grit, then extra fine fine grit) after cuttin and sanding them, screw them together and start puttin the table pieces on there. I put other pieces of pallet underside of the table to eliminate screws on the top side of the table. You could also spend a little more money and cut a piece of plywood and put the pallet boards on top of that but I didn't want to spend the extra money. once you have the table screwed together it is time to sand the pallet boards down. Top,bottom, and sides (rough, fine, extra fine grit) make sure it is smooth all over and you can rub you hand everywhere and not get splinters
***when puttin in screws, drill a pilot hole first to avoid splitting wood
*** rough grit=60 grit
Fine grit =120 grit
Extra fine=220 grit

Step 6:

Now it's time to install legs for the table. First, figure out how high you want it. In this case the lady wanted the table a little taller than her counters so I made it a little more than 3 foot tall. Then cut the legs, put it supports on the bottom to add stability. And finally make sure it is level and doesn't wobble. If it wobbles find the legs that are to long and make small cuts on them to even them out.( the cuts might only be 1/8 and inch being cut) I found it's easier to sand the leg pieces individually to before assembling them

Step 7:

Now that the table is assembled and sanded down its time for stain! I choose a light color stain to match the persons counter tops. Put a coat of stain on the whole table make sure you don't put to much or it will make run marks. And then let dry. After it has dried you can sand it down with some 320 grit sand paper and put on a second coat( each time you add a coat it makes the color a little darker and richer looking) once you finish staining the table is complete! Have fun! Vote for contest!

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6 months ago

I wondered how many pallets it would require? Looks like what I would like on my porch ....

the destination idea for pallets seen to date

Looks good! PaulM115

Looking for ideas to use some pallet wood for my allotment greenhouse and this is the best design I have found. Simple leg bracing and the top deck is perfect too.

Badass bike bro this is mine

14, 2:13 PM.jpg

Thanks for the instructable. I will have to try this project out. I need me a good surface working table, and this project looks excellent for what I need to do. On a side note, I have made planters using discarded pallets. Just don't use the ones that have been chemically treated, but use the heat treated ones instead. Also, I have noticed and learned to being careful when cutting pallets because every now and then there's a nail or screw embedded within and my hand saw took a hit a few times. Good job, and thanks again.

Natural color stain

Good project! what color of stain did u you?

Usually for the legs I try to use the 2x4 type boards on the pallet but for this table the person I was makin it for wanted it kinda talk and so I had to use 2x4 studs from the lumber store....Johnny Utah thanks! the pallet was fun to make and the bike is fun to ride haha

Nice! Nice bike too!

Nicely done....I think I'll give this one a go. What did you use for the legs etc. part of the pallet?

Takin them apart is defiantly the worst part haha

Taking pallets apart is a PAIN! But is worth it though.

No problem man and that'll be cool I made a few different work benches for my garage but that was a few years ago before I found this app.


4 years ago

Thanks for the tutorial. I plan to make one into a miter table for my chop saw.

Thanks I try to use as much material from the pallets as I can. Pallets are defiantly fun to build with because of all the different and unique things you can build with them

Good use of parts from the pallet! I like the legs a lot, thank you for sharing with us!

There are a lot of things they do not have on the island I live but pallets is luckly not one of them :) nice instructable, one for my to do list.