Pallet Wood Flower Box Planter




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This Flower Box was crafted from old pallet wood. It is a economical and characteristic solution to give your garden flair. We have searched the neighborhood for old pallets and then dismantled to use it for the flower box.

I want to thank Sven for the help in designing and building this this Flower Box.


  • 100 screws of 4 x 40mm
  • Pallet wood
  • Root Cloth
  • Cordless drill
  • Hand saw

Step 1: Flower Box Design

Here is the building plan showing how we can use all the pallet wood for the flower box.

Step 2: Saw the Pallet Wood in the Right Size

This are the 3 different sizes of wood you need saw including the sizes in Millimeters

7x 405 mm x 135 mm

4x 445 mm x 135 mm

8x 500 mm x 67.5 mm

You can use the excel sheet to calculate the lengths you needs. Be sure to double check however before you start cutting your planks.

Step 3: Screw the Wooden Frame of the Flower Box Together

This picture shows how planks of the sides look together.

Step 4: Complete the Wooden Construction

The picture shows the complete wooden construction.

Step 5: Attach the Root Cloth Inside of the Flower Box

In order to ensure that the soil and the roots of the flowers remain within the flower box, we use root cloth and staple it on the inside of the flower box.

Step 6: Fill the Flower Box With Fertilized Soil

We have used special fertilized soil to fill the flower box so that we can be sure that the flowers can grow well.

Step 7: Plant Your Favorite Flowers in the Flower Box

Now it's time to put your favorite plant in the flower box and quietly enjoy your garden.



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    11 Discussions


    7 months ago

    I want to do this one! I'm in Florida, hot and humid. I will paint(at least the inside) with polyurethane to prevent rot. Also add something between the wood and cloth to create a bit of air space to keep the moist soil away from the wood. Not sure what yet. Hardware cloth, trash fence . . . ? Maybe a layer of plastic sheet?

    1 reply

    Reply 6 weeks ago

    Nice to hear you are building your own planter! You can use pond liner to keep the moist soil away from the wood.


    6 weeks ago on Introduction

    I'm trying to figure out how I can make these storage boxes or planters a little bit more customised for plants. I think that a drainage or a sieve like panel might help with water retention in there perhaps? Or maybe it's just best to have the bottom totally solid wood so that nothing falls out when you put water in!

    1 reply

    I'm really enjoying scrolling through all the DIY things that I could make at home - it seems like I could make use of this planter as a simple storage idea for the home too. You could probably even fashion a cushion cover and get it upholstered so you'll have a sort of storage bench for your living room too!


    7 months ago

    Top marks!

    I've been looking for a practical raised-bed-on-legs for ages; found plenty of impractical ones! Have some pallet wood, not sure about lengths, but maybe enough for a planter slightly larger or slightly smaller.


    7 months ago on Step 7

    I voted for this! Nice and simple and perfect instructions! I like it! Easy enough for me to do with my tools.


    7 months ago

    I would suggest adding a frame around the top to give it a more finished look and also protect the end grain of the vertical pieces. Good project!


    7 months ago

    As suggested I would make them 8' long. Was thinking about using wire mesh for the bottom with the root cloth over that. It might help with drainage some and be less wood to rot. We are not planning to stay where we are for more than a year and these would be easily hauled to where ever we move to. Also easier on the back, as someone said.


    7 months ago

    Great planter! If you just lengthen one side it could be nice big raised bed for those of us with bad backs. Good luck in the contest.

    Kink Jarfold

    7 months ago on Step 7

    What's really nice about pallet wood is the distressed look built in. Your planter came out very nice.