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Introduction: Pallet Potting Bench

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This is my pallet potting bench .
I basically looked at examples of different styles on Pinterest and then started to hunt for the pallets.
All together I used 5 pallets .
The back pallet was the longest and I took out about 4 planks as to make a shelf and also so I could take the two smaller pallets
slide back into it.
The thing that made this very easy is that I had my old kitchen counter top which I put on the bottom, one end of the counter still had an edge , you can see it in the picture.
1.Next I found a pallet that fit the depth of the counter and also would allow me to set the two smaller pallets on top .
2.the back pallet is not even nailed to the base pallet .
Until the end when I used L and T braces.

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Step 1: Lining It Up

As you can see I set the two smaller pallets on top of the front pallet.the front pallet was actually part of a packing crate.before I went out to get a few more pallets I measured the depth and length so I had an idea what will needed.
I did have to remove some of the planks but it was just about perfect to use as the front of the bench.

You can also se there was a bit of a difference in the length but no biggy. Now I used a T brace to connect the short pallets to the from pallets

The next T brace was put on the right side of the bench to connect the two pieces on side .

Step 2: Adding Peg Board

As you can see I also used another L brace to connect the back to the two small pallets.
I also put two nails to the small pallets bro hold them secure to each other before I used the T brace in previous step.
I had some old peg board so I simply screwed that onto the back pallet.
I decided I wanted to keep part of the back pallet visible to use as another small shelf.

Step 3: Stain and Waterproof

Now I simply stained the pallets. And then a day later sealed it with Thompsons sealer.
I repurpose anything I can . So I slide old cookie sheets as shelves to the small pallets . Use your imagination !

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    4 years ago

    Awesome...what a great job!!! I like your instructions...very easy to follow. I didn't know about those T brackets...I'll have to hunt some down for my next project; I'm very much a beginner. Good luck with future projects.