Paper Beads


Introduction: Paper Beads

You will need:
Glue- pva works good
Glaze/ varnish- optional
And of course paper!

How 2 make
Cut out a long thin triangle of paper, magazine, flyers or newspaper. Get your skewer and slowly start winding the paper up.
When you get close to the end add a dab of glue and stick down there will be some left over glue just use your finger to move around the bead.
Slide the bead of the skewer.
You have made a paper bead!!!
Happy paper beading!!! 3:(:)) - cow



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    2 Discussions

    I ordered 200 pair of eyelets to inset as end caps. I use a variety of crochet needles to wrap around. Yours look good.

    How did you get your beads so smooth? Mine always have very obvious paper edges where they're wound.