Paper Crafts : How to Make DIY Easy Handmade Paper Bag

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There are endless options to make when you talk abouteasy Paper Crafts then the most basic of easy paper crafts is learning how to make DIY Easy Handmade Paper Bagthat will not only make for a cute paper bag but also a handmade gift idea for the various special days like Birthdays, Christmas gifts, Valentines Day Gift Ideas, Halloween or even Mother's Day. With the help of an easy step by step tutorial on how to make a DIY Handmade Paper Bagit is even more fun!

Let us learn how to make DIY Easy Handmade Paper Bag

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Step 1: Material Required!

Basic craft Supplies that you need to make the DIY Handmade Paper Bag:

Printed paper

Colored paper





Satin Ribbon


Decorative Stones

Step 2: Let's Begin!

Cut out a square and fold it to divide it in 3 equal columns.

Each column must contain 3 squares, each square measuring 7 x 7 cm.

Fold the four corners(half of the corner triangles) inwards and cut them using a ruler and a cutter to get a octagon shaped paper like this.

Step 3: Fold the Paper!

Fold the Octagon shaped paper to make 3 bisecting creases on all sides.

Fold the corner triangles inwards, to bring up the sides of the paper bag.

Keep in mind to keep the center square intact.

Watch the complete tutorial on how to make a DIY Handmade Paper Bag

Step 4: Build Your Paper Bag!

Take a Printed paper and follow the same procedure to make the squares and creases on it.

Apply adhesive on the white side of the printed paper and paste the colored paper onto it.

Refold the pasted papers again to make the bag,

In this way you will get such a printed paper bag on the outside with a colorful paper on the inside.

Cut 1.5 cm wide strips of printed and colored paper.

Paste the printed strip on the colored strip and add the locking flap to the easy paper bag.

Cut traingular shaped zigzag strips and paste them as the border for the paper bag.

Step 5: Add the Last Touches!

Take the satin ribbon and adjust the length of the handles as per you need.

Cut the satin ribbon and paste them.

Step 6: Your DIY Easy Handmade Paper Bag Is Ready!

It just takes a few minutes and the most basic of your craft supplies to learn how to make a DIY Easy Handmade Paper Bagthat works perfectly as a fun DIY Home Crafts Project and also the easiest simple paper craft and handmade gift idea ever.So waste no time in thinking the next DIY Paper Craft Project and watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make this Cute DIY Handmade Paper Bag !

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