Paper Crown




Just a simple paper crown for the kids

1. Fold your paper in half length wise and tape one of the short ends together.

2. Now fold the paper in half 3 times.

3. Draw your cut-out shape at to end that where you made the first fold.

4. Cut out the shape and snip off the tips so the paper will unfold fully.

5. Next fit on the intended head over lapping the paper to fit and tape.


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3 Discussions


4 years ago

Thanks for this instructable. It really helped and it was so simple. Thanks to you, now I'm the official Awesomeness Queen!!! You rock Awesomarshon!!


6 years ago

Thanks, really helped! In my class, their was this contest to make a new holiday and mine was all around the world day and we have to make activities and i had prizes and one of them was a crown. Thanks so much, now all i need is to make a king's staff and a sash (which if you can would you please do the king's staff one, that would help alot!)


7 years ago on Introduction

SOOOO simple but exactly what I needed. My son had been begging for a crown and I said I'll look online and came across this site. Loved this pattern, made him a small crown and he was ecstatic. He didn't need anything fancy and it didn't take much time to make. Thanks a lot!