Paper Darts That Hurt

These are painful! They are sharp at the tip so be careful not to throw it anyone's face and make sure it hits their skin. You can either do this with a whole sheet of paper but i prefer making 4 with one paper. Just fold the paper back and forth and tear it until you get 4 equal pieces. Up to down, tear it, then left to right and tear it

Step 1: Materials

1) Quarter of a paper (you can use the whole sheet it's the same steps)

Step 2: Fold Corner to Edge

It will look like a triangle. Line it up to the edge as best as you can

Step 3: Fold Left to Right

Be sure to line it up on the edge the best you can

Step 4: Turn It Sideways

Step 5: Fold the Left Side in Half

Line in it up with the edge becuase this is where you get the sharp tip from!! The tip of it where you fold it is your tip so if it's not as sharp as you want it fold it better

Step 6: Roll the Dart to the Right

Crease it after every roll.

Step 7: Tuck the Tail In

Tuck the excess paper (tail) into the little pocket you get after you roll it

Step 8: Finalize It! (Fold in Half)

When you fold it this helps the dart be more aerodynamic (helps it fly farther)! Fold the side with the little pocket you tucked the tail into inwards



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