Paper Fire Starter/Kindling Bag



Introduction: Paper Fire Starter/Kindling Bag

Hi! I haven't being posting for some time. I have a few unfinished projects in queue, but who knows when I'm going to finish them. So here's a little simple thing for now. It's something I came up with today on my brothers birth day. We were making some BBQ and some shishkebab and I made this kindling/fire staerter bag.

Step 1:

To begin with I took a paper bag from some bakery goods.

Step 2:

Then I filled it with wood shavings that evidently suggest that I do some some woodworking.

Step 3:

Also I have I pine tree growing in my yard, which is not the best idea in general, but it's too late to care about it. It also means that I have some pinecones. They burn really good.

Add a dozen of those to the bag ontop of wood shavings.

Step 4:

Close the bag.

You can prepare it beforehand and have some time saved on the hiking.

Step 5:

Before using, punch a bunch of holes in the bag. I used a twig. It'll provide air access necessarry for burning.

Build your fire... thing around the bag.

Step 6:

Light the bag up. It works really good. You'll get your fire coing in couple of minutes.

Step 7:

We had a bunch of good roasted meat of different kind today.

This is it, thank you for your attention, and klaatu verata nikto.

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