Paper Fox





Introduction: Paper Fox

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to make a paper fox head very easily. Let's get started!

Step 1: Tools

Step 2: Printing, Cutting and Folding

Step 3: Gluing

Step 4: Video Tutorial

And finally, a quick video showing how to go through all steps.

Step 5: How It Looks (outside and Inside)

Step 6: Done!

Step 7: Have Fun!

Please bear in mind although this is a very easy model to build it might be a time consuming project depending on your hand skills ;)

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Hi Diego - So classy! My daughter loves foxes and she has 2 children, so I'm making a fox family: 2 regular size and 1 that's printed at 125%. I'm ready to begin gluing but I want to know if it's best to begin with number 1 and proceed through the highest number - or just randomly start with the smallest pieces? Thanks.

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A fox family? Cool! Well, my advice is to start by assembling parts from tight areas such as the nose, for example. It must be hard to reach some areas due the size of our hands so it is better to go from the nose, going through the cheeks ending up with the ears ;)

I don’t understand. I clicked on materials needed. I bought them. But I cannot see instructions, like
Measure white sheet
Cut here, 23 mm, 10 mm, 2, 3, 4 now cut
Fold sling dotted lines
Write the number 23, match it to all the other numbers you have written (see above). Also add a pen to Materials list if a step says to match up numbers you have written.
Thank you for reading. I guess I thought I would find actual directions on the PDF.

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Hi Shawn, I found a video explaining the assembly steps very clearly and easy to understand. You just need to apply that techniques on the paper fox.

Thank you!
You are very kind to go to use your time to answer my question.

Really, really nice instructable. Adorable fox. I thought practice first with plain paper before I tried the colored card stock.

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I suggest you to start gluing small parts such as the nose so that you have enought space to manipulate with your hands.

I just thought it would be funny/interesting for some die-hard gamers to have a wall full of this type of "taxidermy" trophy heads for all their "game" kills.

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This looks awesome. Did you design the animal yourself? I'd love to do a cat version!

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