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Are you ever extremely desperate to fidget in class or at work but the ballpoint pen just isn’t enough? Do you ever see friend’s fidgets but they won’t let you use it for just one second? Don’t waste money and make one yourself! With this paper infinity cube, your fidgitting will be endless!

To start, you need materials. Normally you would see a long list of materials for something like this, but all you really need is paper. About 13-14 pieces of 8 x 11.5 paper, not much.

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Step 1: Making the Face of a Cube

To actually begin the building process, get an 8 by 8 cm paper. Next, fold it in half so that two edges are touching (far left picture), fold the edges into the middle crease (middle picture), and fold the bottom right and top left corners into the last creases you’ve made (far right picture).

Step 2:

Next, fold in the creases (far left photo), fold both of the corners onto the other side (left middle photo), unfold what you have just folded and put the big folded corners under the creases (right middle/far right photos).

Step 3: Constructing the Cube

Now’s the time when we construct the cube. First step, flip over the module and fold the two corners in to make the face (far left/left middle photos). Next, make six more modules and slip each one into a slot on the faces (right middle/far right photos).

Step 4:

Ta-da! First Cube!

Step 5: Making the Infinite

Now, you have to make 7 more. Yay!!

Step 6:

Now get a 6 x 6 cm piece of paper and redo the instructions for the faces of the cube, but instead of folding it the way you did, fold the parallelogram into two equal parts (middle photo). Now fifteen more of those please!

Step 7:

Here’s the time when we connect the cubes. Slip the small modules through the slots on the cubes on both sides. Slip in the small one and follow the photos.

Step 8: Finished!

Viola! A masterpiece! Now you don’t have to be jealous of others, you have your own made out of just paper!

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1 year ago

That's a fun toy :)