Paper Quilling Ornament

Introduction: Paper Quilling Ornament

About: I live in the amazing country of Romania, in Western Europe. I started doing quilling in 2011. Quilling is the art of curling strips of paper. I invite you to see my artworks. I hope you will like them :) Enjo…

Fast and easy paper decoration!

Step 1:

Glue together 3 strips of gray paper (30 cm long and 5 cm wide) so you will have a long strip of paper of 90 cm long.

Roll this strip around a rounded object so you will have a big circle ready to be filled with quilled shapes.

Use strips of paper to create loose circles then fill the big circle as seen in the pictures. If you need to learn how to create a loose circle and other basic quilling shapes, watch my video here.

Glue the shapes inside the circle. Use some thin thread and make a knot on the ornament to help you hang it.

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