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Learn How to make a Paracord Keychain, supplies you will need; about 3 feet of Paracord, Key ring, scissors and lighter. It will take about 10 minutes to make once you have the Supplies to make you Paracord Keychain. Completed this, Learn how to make a Paracord Keychain with a Flatline, Tracer, or a DNA Paracord Keychain. Learn more Paracord Bracelet Patterns and make a Paracord Bracelet next. Do you like to make Paracord Bracelets? Learn How to Sell Paracord Bracelets and turn your hobby into a business, like I did.

Step 1: Paracord Keychain - Step 1

Attach the Paracord to the Key ring, make sure both Paracord tails are pointing out. You can make the loop as long or short as you want the Paracord Keychain to turn out. You can leave a inch or so loop at the end.

Step 2: Paracord Keychain - Step 2

This is instructions for the Cobra braid key chain, Lay one piece of Paracord across the top, about a inch from the ring. This will be the center color of the Paracord keychain.

Step 3: Paracord Keychain - Step 3

Now bring the second piece of paracord over the top of the first, around the back, and up through the whole made by the first piece of Paracord. Note, the color of the center piece of paracord, is the color of the sides, on the opposite side of the Paracord Bracelet.

Step 4: Paracord Keychain - Step 4

Now pull both paracord tails tight, evenly, and repeat steps 2 through 4. until you there's about a inch and a half paracord loop left (or how ever long you want it). Your Paracord Keychain is almost complete.

Step 5: Paracord Keychain - Finished

If you have a paracord needle, bring it through the loop and into the center of 2 stitches. Then cut and melt the ends. Your Paracord Keychain should look something like this. See more Paracord Bracelet Patterns or try the Viper Paracord Bracelet braid.



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    7 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Thank you ! Worked great with one plain colour! I just used normal every day simple knots at the key ring until the tail went outward like you said. First project! Perfect for hubby Christmas! (yes, we use a u in colour in Canada : )


    3 years ago

    How do you do the 1st step it makes no sense at all! But the rest does.


    3 years ago

    How do you attach the paracord to the key ring


    5 years ago

    Thanks! The only one that made sense!