Paracord Shoe Grips

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My girlfriend is absolutely petrified to walk on snow and ice.  We had to go someplace so I needed a solution that I could use now without going to buy anything. I had a little para-cord laying around so I created this.  I was inspired by yaktrax to create this idea.  People have been using rope on the bottom of their shoes for centuries and the nylon used to make para-cord sticks to wet snow and ice.

Step 1: Make the First Loop

As with most ideas this one is rather simple, first you find the halfway point of your cord.  You then make a loop using what I think of as a half figure eight knot.  You can use a full figure eight knot as well.  You then put the loop over the toe with the knot facing down.  

Step 2: Wrap It Around the Back of the Shoe

Wrap the cord around the back of the shoe and thread it threw the laces to keep it tight and from falling off of the shoe.  

Step 3: Make the Final Loops

Take the cord over the toe of the shoe keeping it tight and make another knot before bringing it back up to tie it around threw the laces.  Keep the cord as tight as possible so that it does not slip off of the shoe.



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    2 years ago

    Having been born and raised in Alaska, I would not recommend using paracord in this way. The rope will get clogged with snow, which will be compressed into ice, and soon you will be slip sliding around on uneven ice skates. Perhaps it will be OK for a few minutes, but not much longer.


    5 years ago

    I guess I have to give it a try. If there's any snow or ice again this year... Thank you for sharing :-)

    I would say it is better then the shoes alone but worse then some metal spikes. It got us outside and did the job I needed done though so for that it was a win.