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Introduction: Paracord/crampon Hack

Okay, I should have known better. I bought a pair of Hillsound-style trail crampons on ebay for $12. Now, I didn't traipse off into the Cats with them. I don't live-test much gear. So, I went, instead, to the wilds of Prospect Park, in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. When I got there, I put them on and began a little meander through places people seldom walk - off-trail. I kid you not, after a hundred yards, one of them blew up. I did have my day pack with me, and about thirty feet of paracord. I got to thinking....

So, I was able to rig a stable lacing system to keep the crampon on, and I tested it for about another quarter mile. Solid.

Initially, the loops on the heel and toe were tied. I found, to my astonishment, that melting the ends together is CRAZY strong. I have yet to be able to break the bond by hand/foot combination.

Note: When doing this at home, be sure to lay the chains flat so they are not kinked. Also, the ones I bought have 'triangular' ties to the crampon chains. I chose to put the lace through the 'fat' side. HYOH.

An advantage to paracord is that it won't stretch when wet.

The elastic is from a backpack, and is tied at the heel. Any suggestions as to a better way to cinch it would be accepted.

Don't take these out unless you put them through due paces.

I am not a professional, nor do I claim that this hack will work for you. I can not accept any responsibility for loss of income or property, bodily injury, or death as a result of using this hack. It is for educational purposes only.

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