Parking Spot Status Indicator





Introduction: Parking Spot Status Indicator

In a busy city, we commute a lot. And if we choose a car as our mode of transport, finding a parking spot become quite a challenge. This is a prototype for a parking spot status indicator. This would make a good science project for the tech and skills required is nothing more than to program an obstacle detector.


Pranavchendur T K ( )

Step 1: Materials Required

1) Arduino UNO

2) Ultrasonic sensor - HC-SR04

3) Breadboard

4) Jumper wires

5) LEDs optional

You will also need the open source arduino software. You can download it using this link :

Step 2: Putting the Things Together

1) Connect VCC and GND slots from the arduino board to the breadboard using jumper wires

2)The ultrasonic sensor has four pins denoted by VCC, Trig, Echo and GND

3) Connect VCC and GND to 5V supply and ground respectively

4) Connect the trig pin to pin 6 and echo to pin 7 in the arduino board

5) Do the same with another sensor with its trig connected to 3 and echo connected to 4 in the arduino board.

6) Connect two leds with their positive to 13 and 10 and their negatives to the ground.

Step 3: Coding

Compile the following code in the file attached below (usonic.ino) into the arduino

Step 4: Testing

Now if no object is placed before your sensors, both leds will glow, denoting that spot is available to be parked. If you place an object, for instance, a toy car before any one of your sensor that corresponding led will switch off, showing that it is occupied. This project would take less than an hour to build and execute with all the components, and could be a good small scale project for kids.



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    13 Discussions

    That is definitely interesting!!

    error in the code : ultrasonic class has no member named timing


    Arduino: 1.5.8 (Windows 8), Placa:"Arduino Uno" sketch_jun08a.ino: In function 'void loop()': sketch_jun08a.ino:24:24: error: 'class Ultrasonic' has no member named 'ti sketch_jun08a.ino:25:24: error: 'class Ultrasonic' has no member named 'conv sketch_jun08a.ino:25:43: error: 'CM1' is not a member of 'Ultrasonic' sketch_jun08a.ino:27:25: error: 'class Ultrasonic' has no member named 'timing' sketch_jun08a.ino:28:25: error: 'class Ultrasonic' has no member named 'convert' sketch_jun08a.ino:28:44: error: 'CM1' is not a member of 'Ultrasonic' Error de compilación This report would have more information with "Show verbose output during compilation" enabled in File > Preferences.


    2 years ago

    i have a problem where adruino repeatedly gives error as

    'class Ultrasonic' has no member named 'Convert'

    please can u help

    2 replies

    Have you added ultrasonic library for to your library directory? You can simply get it online. I hope that's the error holding you back.

    i had already added that although .convert didn't helped yet i was able to make my way through the .ranging function btw the project really helped ..thanks a lot mate...

    Were you thinking of installing this by the street in front of your house to see if your spot is open?

    2 replies

    We made this for a makeathon event at my college. The idea was that it could be incorporated in mall's parking lots to see which slot is vacant and occupied. What we made was a small prototype to demonstrate the possibility, but that would also be a way to use it in real life