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Launched on July 4, 2013. This rocket holds 4 engines, however only 2 ignited. I saw this as a fail and a success as a flight. It was a failure due to only 2 engines igniting but it was a success because it lifted off the launch pad. Sorry for the lack of pictures as this was done a year ago.

Step 1: Materials

1. Badger® Model 350 Airbrush ($60)
2. Testors enamel model paint in red, white and blue (1/4 FL. OZ.)(at least 4 bottles of each color)
3. Acetone
4. 1/4" wide tape
5. Model rocket of your choice (I chose the SUNWARD Eruption Model Flying Rocket
6. Bigger parachute(I didn't like how small the original parachute was so I got a 24" parachute)
7. Recovery wadding
8. 4 B-64 engines
9. 2 Igniters
10. Launch Pad
11. Launch Rod

Step 2: Assembly

Assemble your rocket

Step 3: Mix Paint

In a small cup pour all of the paint. (I used 4 bottles)

Pour in 4 caps of acetone and mix well

Step 4: Airbrush

Pour mixture into airbrush capsule and apply a light-medium coat of paint on all rocket parts

Nose Cone: White
Fins & Bottom Party of Body Tube: Blue
Body Tube: White

After each painting rinse out the canister with acetone and spray some acetone through the barrel to make sure you don't have a mix of colors.

Step 5: Tape the Rocket

Take 1/4" electrical tape and run it up and down your rocket leaving 1/4" space between each tape strip

Step 6: Paint the Stripes

In between the stripes that you taped airbrush red. Wait till it dries and then peel off the tape and enjoy your art work.

Step 7: Prepare for Lift-off

Add recovery wadding into the body tube in between the engines and the parachutes.

Put engines in designated spots

Place rocket on launch pad

Step 8: Lift Off

Give your new rocket a kiss for good luck

Insert safety key in each of the igniters wait for lights to come on

Press both buttons simultaneously

Step 9: Share Results

I am interested on your results and feedback on my Instructable. Please leave comments in the comment section and share your pictures and videos too. Thank you all and happy launching!



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    4 years ago

    How did u get the four engines to launch at same time so it does not go sideways? Did u use more than one yellow thing or wire them together or clip all of them to one yellow thing

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Only two engines launched. Even though I used 2 of the the yellow igniters one of them failed and the 2 engines that launches were diagonally across from each other so that kept them strait.