Patriotic Pom Poms

Introduction: Patriotic Pom Poms

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Shake things up at your 4th of July party with Patriotic Pom Poms!

Expect to spend around 10 minutes painting, 20 minutes for drying and just a few minutes for an adult to cut. The difficulty level is minimal and many of the supplies can be found around your home.

Here's what you need for your Patriotic Pom Poms:

Basket Coffee Filters(2 For Each Pom Pom)
Red and White Pipe Cleaners
Red and Blue Water Color Paint
Paper Plate
Paper Towels
Dum Dum Pops (Blue and/or Red)

Flatten coffee filters on a paper plate, one at a time.

Use water paint to paint striped, dots, or patterns on the coffee filters in red and blue, leaving white areas.

Let each of these dry on a paper towel as you do the next. These should take 20 minutes to dry completely. Once each filter is dried, begin cutting strips towards the middle, but do not cut to the center.

Once you have gone around each filter and made strips, take two at a time and poke a pipe cleaner through the two and follow it with a Dum Dum Pop. Leave an inch at the top to wrap around the base of the lollipop.

Turn over the filters and wrap the rest of the pipe cleaner down the stick to create a handle for your firework pom pom.

Continue with the other coffee filters to create the desired number of patriotic pom poms you and the kids will need.

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    ann onymous

    5 years ago

    i would like them, but i am not a big fan of cheerleaders, but if i did, i would like them