Penguin Improved




Introduction: Penguin Improved

This is very easy to make. You dont need exact folds. Please Comment.

Step 1: Fold 2.

Few folds here and there not hard.

Step 2: Fold 3.

Not hard

Step 3: Fold 3.

Couple folds.

Step 4: Fold 4.

Easy! Turn it over!

Step 5: Fold 5.


Step 6: Step 6.

Gets harder

Step 7: Step 7.

Now its easy again.

Step 8: Step 8.

Really easy!

Step 9: Step 9.

=D fun and easy

Step 10: Step 10. Not Needed

Not needed



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    10 Discussions

    What the heck dude? You like origami but you don't like work? You are an impossible combination. Don't be lazy, you doofus. Nothing good comes out of it, so just add in a few steps and life will be easier. I'm surprised people faved it, I can't tell what to do from pictures, as most have arrows to help. You don't have anything. Not to be harsh, but that is an honest to goodness opinion right there. Hate on me if you want, but it's true

    how are we supposed to make this? This seems alittle hard but it would be fun to make a bunch of em' and line em' up like dominoes.

    it would be easy if you can explain each step. OR the easiest thing to do is make a video to show how you make it

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