Paracord Bike Handle (Permanent)

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Living in the city I use my bike for commuting but it's not easy to carry it up 2 flights of stairs because the elevator is old and slow. I found an instructable for Paracord Bike Frame Handle. It was a great post and I made one but having to put it on and take it off was also not convenient so I decided that a permanent one is fine. Considering what paracord costs, I don't care if someone cuts it off and takes the cord. This is how I made mine.

Step 1: Supplies

Required supplies:
Paracord (20 feet is more than enough)
Tape measure

Dental pic & Tweezers

Once you have the supplies proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Cut the Lengths of Cord

First cut a 3 foot segment and use the lighter to melt the end. Then cut a 15 foot segment and use the lighter to seal the ends.

Step 3: Place Main Cord

Take the 3 foot section of rope and wrap it around the 2 parts of the frame just above the crank. I used the front derailleur mount as one anchor and one of the bolts for the water bottle holder as anchors. I recommend winding around each bar twice before making a simple knot in the middle, as shown in the pictures. You can use any fancy knot you want but this simple knot is more than enough considering we will be covering it up with the weave.

Step 4: Apply the Cobra Weave

There are many great posts on how to do this weave. It is really easy and very effective. If you want a good reference for learning it then I recommend this post:

Basic Cobra Paracord Survival Lanyard

Find the middle of the 15 foot segment and place it on the bar to begin applying the cobra. Apply the cobra weave all the way to the next bar and covering the knot in the process. At the second bar, loop the two ends around and being the second layer of the weave. This will make it a bigger handle to grab on to.

Step 5: Finishing Up

When you get to the other side you can just tie it up with a standard square knot and cut then burn the ends.

That's it, all done. Congratulations! You can now carry your bike easier.

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4 years ago

I found an other one one here but it is done with a pice of medal in the middle of the braid

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I think I know which one you're talking about. I made it but the semi-permanent part made it cumbersome to put on the bike then take off the bike. That's why I went with just cord. That way if some idiot does steal it I'm not out much. If that's not the one you're referring to then can you post a link so I can check it out too?


4 years ago

I live in kansas but thanks any way

As long as you get tension between the crotch right then the bolts don't matter. I could fit one on but it would take some testing. I'd start with the initial design and see if it needs more cord or less; then kind of trial and error. Creates a lot of waste but, luckily, paracord is cheap. The good part about your bike design is that if you do affix a handle of proper size then it won't ride up into the spring or other parts. Dunno where you are but if you're in the Seattle area then I'd make a trip to come see what I can do.


4 years ago

See for your self pleas recomend some thing for me i love to bile and hate to carry my bike by the seat

14, 23:47.jpg14, 23:47.jpg

4 years ago

My bike does not have a water bottle holder. And it has a shock it is not a full frame i make parcord braclets that is the cobra weave corect