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Introduction: Persona Project

"Persona Project" electronic weareable device tag who can show your name for meetings, commercial presentations or funny messages for events.

  • Can show messages to your friend, customers, waiters, presentations
  • Loop messages
  • 3 type of diferent texts sizes: 4linesx16chars, 2x8 and 1x4
  • Text with flashes
  • Lightweight
  • You can wear it on your tie, shirt, pocket...
  • Very low power consumption
  • Can be powered with your phone directly, or an external powerbank.
  • Low cost
  • Easy to build
  • Easy mod for other power sources like Lipo battery or twin CR-2032


You need this supplies:

  • 3d printer with PLA filament
  • Solder
  • 4 x wires (red, yellow, green, black)
  • 1 x 0.91"OLED Display i2c type OLED
  • 1 x Digispark ATTINY85 Lilypad Nano Lilypad

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Step 1: Print the Case

Print the case with 3d printer. Using PLA filament.

You can download my model from this TinkerCad url.

Step 2: Prepare Supplies

Cut wires about 4 inch (10 cm).

Is better idea to use silicon quality wires.

(note: the rule is in cm)

Step 3: Use Your Solder

Pay attention with wire colors and the order:

  • Green to pin "P0"
  • Yellow to pin "P2"
  • Red to pin "5V"
  • Black to pin "GND"

Step 4: Measure, Cut and Weld OLED Display

Cut wires and strip, weld cables same order and put covers to close the device

Step 5: Fold With Solder Heat

Close solder to middle of frontal cap and apply hot. Fold carefully. Don't overheat the PLA plastic. Be patient :)

Step 6: Upload Program With Arduino IDE

  • Unzip attached file PersonaProject.rar
  • Open Arduino IDE
  • Open the PersonaProject.ino file who is located into the PersonaProject folder
  • Set board to Digispark (default - 16.5mhz)
  • Compile&send
  • Enjoy

If need Digispark ATTiny85 Nano drivers or Arduino libraries,

Here driver

Here library

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That's it !

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    5 Discussions


    Question 2 days ago on Introduction

    Really nice. Thinking about this for my high school CAD/Fabrication class. Question. What powers this? I do not see a battery?


    Answer 2 days ago

    Thaks. This device (digispark attiny85) is powered trogh micro USB connector. In one of my photos is powered with cheap black powerbank (2400mha, is the snaller powerbank i found) with a simple USB to microuse cable. I tested this device with that powerbank more than 24 hours working with this source code and the battery still charge. You can power with twice cr2032 batteries or lipo but im untested. The device housing can be made deeper for add 2 batteries cr2032. But repeat untested. i Attached photos


    Reply 2 days ago

    Cr2025 vs device Dize.
    Connectir usb


    Reply 1 day ago

    Thanks. It looks like there is a 5v and Vin and GR on that Lilypad. I have some 2032 batteries and holders. Bet it might work. I would have to reDesign the holder. Not that much of an issue.


    Reply 1 day ago

    Perfect. You can supply power trough VIN instead 5v. My goal was to do as easy as possible. Thats because i use that digispark device powered with a powerbank or phone with OTG cable. If you want redesing, think if you can use attiny85 chip directly (cheaper, snaller,..). Other point is the OLED. Its 3.3v to 5v but maybe have 6v tolerance?