Personalized Guitar Picks

Introduction: Personalized Guitar Picks

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Looking for that perfect guitar pick that fits your personality but you cant find a the perfect one for you? Make your own! With this guide I will show you how to make a guitar pick from scratch. You don't even need a guitar pick to paint, you can make one with some household items.

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Here's a simple list of materials you will need:

Old credit card, hotel key or ID card(pick something that's the thickness you would like for your guitar pick)

Paint(White will be necessary but then its up to you!)

Gloss varnish(not necessary but will protect your work)

Paint Brushes(big and small)


Craft knife(optional)

Guitar Pick(for tracing you, could also use a template)

Thin Tip Marker



Step 2: Making the Pick

Trace your guitar pick or guitar pick template on to the old credit card(or whatever plastic you have) using you marker. Then use your scissors to cut it out. Use a craft knife or scissors to smooth the edges.

Step 3: Painting

First place a coat of white paint on the pick to rid of the background design. I stick three toothpicks in clay to hold the sides of the pick so I can paint two sides of the guitar pick at a time. Add as many coats as necessary. Then paint on your base coat. This is where you make your pick your own. For this, I will be making a Mario pick so my base coat is red. If you need some ideas for your pick I put some at the end of this instructable. Next begin to add layers of detail putting on the lower layers letting it dry and then painting on top of it. If you are doing splatter paint place paint on the end of your paint brush and use your finger to push the bristles upward allowing each bristle to flick downward individually as you move your finger up. Finally add a gloss coat to your pick after everything has dried. Continue to do this until your pick is protected. The more gloss coats the better!

Step 4: Pick Ideas

I posted pictures of some picks I've made and here are some other suggestions:



Ace of spades(my personal favorite)

splatter paint

Metal imprint (I added clay let it dry and painted over it)

Put your name on it

Make one to fit your hobbies (a sport, or game)

Make one for your school (school spirit!)

Make one for your favorite sports team (team spirit!)

your favorite band

favorite TV show

Think of your own ideas and cool ways to make them pop! You could even make a key chain or necklace! Feel free to add your own suggestions and creations in the comments below.

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    5 years ago

    Thx for the instruction. I'm going to make my guitarist best friend a few of these.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    That's awesome. Ripe for remixing in the fall 2014 Remix contest, to be sure. I bet you're not throwing these into the crowds during shows, though.