Phone Controlled Signal Jammer




Introduction: Phone Controlled Signal Jammer

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Every one has the tiny feel somewhere in their mind to be a hacker!

so today lets do a small hack of blocking a phone signal remotely using only 4 elements

Step 1: Required Things

> Arduino uno x 1

> 433 RF Module

> HC06 (bluetooth module)

> Any android phone (which can run the MIT app inventor)

Step 2: Connecting Elements

connect them as shown in picture

Step 3: Android App

using the bit app inventor, easy to use and fun

source code = picture

the program explains itself

one button connects to hc06

2 more buttons for on and off

the skull is to show the power

Step 4: Arduino Code

#include (SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial mySerial(0, 1);

char state;

int LED = 13;

void setup()


pinMode(LED, OUTPUT);





void loop()


state =;

if (state == '0') {



if (state == '1')

{ tone(8, 15000);





Step 5:

vedio will be there by nxt week



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9 Discussions

can it block one device in use or all devices with in the range.

I don't have android I have iPhone should I even consider this project?
Thank you.

Dude this is awesome. What exactly will it do? Just make it impossible for someone to be able to call and text? Or can we see what they are doing? Thanks.

2 replies

sorry for the late reply..

you can only just block the person cellular signal .

this blocks the signal that is received by a phone which is in a radius of 20m is a proper antenna is kept

this was very useful from making my mom's phone from getting my academic info message to her phone


1 year ago

well... with no reply. I'll just consider this troll-ware.


1 year ago

Hi.... all the remote bluetooth stuff aside..

What is going on in this project? All you need to do is generate a 'TONE' on the same pin that the RF module is connected to?

I dont understand this comment either: (can you elaborate)?

"this was very useful from making my mom's phone from getting my academic info message to her phone"

* making your moms phone do what?

* how are you getting academic info to her phone? if you are 'jamming' the signal to her phone?

Please explain that comment.


guys, the video would take some time, cz I'm busy with my school work

Oh and I am deffinetly voting for you.